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   Chapter 1011 What Friends Do

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Sheffield stared at him. "Talking about sex? No way. You're hearing things."

Gifford shook his head.

"That's right! Join in. You'll get the hang of it soon enough," Sheffield quipped.

Gifford used the club to tap Sheffield's shoulder and said, "Kind offer, but no thanks. It looks like the two of you are hung up on Carlos' daughters. I'm not. I don't have a girlfriend. I don't have anyone I really like yet, anyway. Maybe the one for me hasn't been born yet."

"You should visit the OB/GYN department when you get the chance. You might find her there," Sheffield joked, pushing Joshua away to grab the water.

"Dude, that's just gross. Tasteless even for you, and that's a pretty low bar!" Gifford was not into little girls.

"Hey, check her out. Maestro Tang, isn't that your girlfriend?" Joshua looked in the direction of a golf cart driving up.

Sheffield stopped to look at the approaching cart. One of the women sitting in it was Evelyn.

He put down the bottle and immediately picked up a club. "Say hi to her, guys. Out of my way, gents!"

The guys looked at each other, puzzled.

Looking at Sheffield's exaggerated moves, Joshua suddenly realized what he was doing. He explained to Gifford, who was still confused, "He wants us to get Evelyn's attention so that she can see how awesome he is on the golf course."

Sheffield turned around and gave him a thumbs up.

Gifford finally understood. "Damn! You're just full of tricks, Bitch Tang!"

Sheffield cursed without turning his head, "Fuck off! You're a bitch! Hurry up! If she drives off, I'll be too late." Then they would have waited around for nothing.

Sitting in the golf cart, Evelyn wore pink and white sportswear, white sneakers, and a pinkish white baseball cap.

She smiled and chatted with her client who sat next to her. "I almost never play golf. But sometimes I go golfing with Dad. You'll probably destroy me out there."

The female general manager, Ms. Wu, modestly waved her hand and said, "I almost never golf either. Don't worry. You could probably beat me on a good day."

"Evelyn!" Someone called her name.

When Evelyn turned towards the so

looked at them in puzzlement. "What are you whispering about?"

Before Sheffield could say anything, Joshua told him, "Oh, Sheffield was so touched that we helped him win his wife back he said he'd do anything we want. One favor for you, and one for me!"

Sheffield tried to stop him, but Joshua was too quick.

Of course Gifford realized what was going on. He acted as if he didn't know anything and played along. Placing one arm on Sheffield's shoulder, with a mock expression of gratitude on his face, he said, "Dude, we're friends. That's what friends do. And thanks in advance for that favor. I have to think about what I want!"

"Joshua is..." Sheffield wanted to explain.

Gifford wouldn't give him the chance. "I get it. Tell me what you want us to do."

Sheffield felt helpless. He had only promised Joshua one thing. Not one each. 'Joshua played me! Forget it! I have a girlfriend to get back.' Sheffield angled his head towards Ms. Wu, who had already picked up a club. "You and Joshua, go keep her busy."

Gifford smiled and patted him on the shoulder. "Don't worry. We'll take care of it!"

With big smiles on their faces, the two walked up to Ms. Wu. Joshua asked, "Ms. Wu, do you like playing golf?"

Evelyn explained, "She seems to be enjoying herself."

"Well, that's good. It would be our honor if you would play golf with us!" He winked at Gifford, and the two of them stood on either side of Ms. Wu.

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