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   Chapter 1010 Sheffield's Golf Course Plan

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"I've never hugged any of them either," Sheffield continued to explain, rubbing his face. It was starting to turn red. Evelyn's slap didn't hurt him. But he was embarrassed. That was the first time he'd ever been slapped.

"Not everything is all about you." Evelyn walked towards Felix. "Ask the driver to bring the car over here."

"Yes, Miss Huo," Felix replied obediently.

Looking at her back, Sheffield shouted, "Think you know everything? You don't! That boy you saw in my office is not my kid!"

"I don't care!" Evelyn answered without turning her head.

"I didn't sleep with anyone else!" He couldn't hold on to his charade any longer. He was hoping she'd apologize. Now, it seemed impossible.

"What do I care? We're not together!" Evelyn yelled.

"So are you apologizing?"

"You wish!" She decided to leave this man alone. She was so mad at him!

"But, I really miss you. Can you stay with me tonight?" He really wanted to sleep with her.

Abruptly, Evelyn turned around and glared at him. "Don't ever say that to me again! Date who you want! I don't care!" Sheffield tried to say something, but a glare from her shut him down. "Not. Another. Word. You hear me?" Evelyn snapped.

Instead of stopping his prattling, Sheffield strode over to her and took her into his arms. "A chance meeting. What could be better? It's late. Sure you don't want to come home with me?"

"Let go!"

"Hey, don't forget, it was you who came to me and asked to get back together. Can't you just say something soft and nice?"

"Shove off, loser!" She thought that was what she wanted, but not if he was going to act this way. Starting over would probably be impossible. "Look, it's over, okay? You live your life, and I'll live mine." It was not that bad to be a single mom.

"Oh come on. You went to D City to see me. I think there's a future for us, if you just give it a chance." Not giving her the chance to retort, he started dragging her along with him.

"Felix!" To prove that she wasn't joking, Evelyn called her bodyguard over.

A few seconds later, Felix appeared in front of them. "Yes, Miss Huo?"

"Get Sheffield mmmff—"

Covering her mouth with his hand, Sheffield looked at Felix and chuckled. "Eve

here today, right? Who asked us to come? Tell me!"

Sheffield smiled obsequiously and said, "Okay, my bad. It was all me. Sorry about that."

"That's better! But, seriously, what's your plan? You've been back for awhile now. Why didn't you go to talk to Evelyn and tell her how you feel?" Joshua wondered.

Sheffield swung his club and said, "I don't want to talk to her, I want an apology. And to see her naked. Why not both?"

The two other men beside him were amazed at how openly he talked about stuff like that. "You horndog," Gifford commented disdainfully.

Joshua sighed and shook his head. "I'm impressed that Sheffield always says what he thinks. No filter." Sheffield was never ashamed to speak about how horny he was.

He didn't mind his friends' comments. After hitting the last ball into the hole, he passed the club to Gifford.

Joshua put his arm on Sheffield's shoulder and said, "Evelyn already offered to get back together with you, but you keep turning her down. Isn't that the same as being near the goal on the football field but never shooting?"

Sheffield stared at him before replying, "I just want to linger in the doorway for a little longer. I'm the one in the game. I'm not even anxious. What? You think my life's a spectator sport, for you to comment on it?"

"You're not even on the playing field," Joshua argued.

Gifford burst into laughter. "Hey! Are you two still talking about sports? Why do I feel like you're talking about sex?"

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