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   Chapter 1004 This Is My Son

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Evelyn turned around, took the food container from Felix, and entered Sheffield's office alone.

Inside, Sheffield was holding a little boy in his arms.

Seeing her come in, he walked towards her with the boy in his arms. "Buddy, say hi to your sister," he cooed. 'You could use a little practice. One day, she's gonna be your sister-in-law.'

Evelyn stared at the two of them. 'Sister? Really? I'm thirty-one, and old enough to be his mother!' "Who is this?" she asked.

The little boy looked at Sheffield, then at her, and called, "Sister."

Evelyn put the food container aside and put Sheffield's suit jacket on the couch. "Hello," she greeted the baby. She always had an aloof attitude, yet her eyes softened as she took the little boy's hand in hers. She looked into his eyes—they reminded her of Gwyn, who had the same bright eyes.

The baby boy was so cute that she couldn't help pinching his face gently. A smile played on Sheffield's lips when he saw this. "This is my son," he told her.

"What?" The smile on Evelyn's face faded immediately. "Who is the mother?" she asked.

"No clue," he shrugged.

"You don't know?" she asked, her voice cold.

"Nope. After giving birth to him, she had him sent to me through someone. I took a paternity test. Turns out he is really mine."

Trying hard to suppress the bitterness and the urge to punch him in the face, Evelyn looked at him with a stony face. "You don't even know who you slept with?"

"I slept with a lot of women after our break-up. It would be impossible to narrow down his mother. Such a shame, and now, I'm stuck with him." Sheffield looked at the boy with feigned frustration.

His words reminded Evelyn of what Sterling had said about the obscenity in Sheffield's private life. She stared at him in disbelief.

'What does this mean for Gwyn? Is this kid her half-brother?'

Her heart bled. After a while, she regained her composure. "I brought your suit jacket, and I asked my cook to make some dishes for you. Eat while they are still hot. I'm leaving." Evelyn waved her hand at the little boy with a small smile and turned to leave.

"Hey!" Sheffield called after her.

Evelyn paused, but didn't look back.

"You know, when we were together, I

is sister!'

She propped her hand against her head helplessly.

'That damn Sheffield! He's getting bolder by the day. How dare he trick me like this!'

Back in her office, Evelyn asked Nadia to get her a photo of Peterson's youngest son. When she saw the picture, she recognized the little boy.

She gritted her teeth and felt like strangling Sheffield.

Terilynn and Joshua had agreed to go shopping on Saturday. But just as she was about to leave the house, Debbie hurried towards her. "Terilynn, can you look after Gwyn? I have something urgent to deal with."

Saying so, Debbie handed Gwyn to her and quickly walked away.

Terilynn didn't even get a chance to say anything.

Debbie drove away in her car. Terilynn withdrew her gaze from the distant car and stared at the little girl in her arms.

Finally, she giggled and said, "All right! Since you are so cute, Auntie Terilynn will take you out to play!"

Holding Gwyn in one arm, she called Joshua with the other. "Hey! Do you remember the cute little girl whose photo you use as your profile picture? Her parents and grandparents are busy today, and I'm babysitting her. Do you mind if I bring her along?"

"Not at all! Please, bring her by all means!" Joshua agreed without hesitation because he wanted to see the baby in person as well.

"Good. I'm on my way!" Terilynn brought along her bodyguard, Bennett, and the driver. Only after confirming that the baby was well disguised did she take Gwyn out of the manor.

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