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   Chapter 1003 Sheffield Is Going Nuts

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Sheffield casually put his tie on his shoulder, and calmly took out a black card from his wallet. He handed the card to Tobias and said, "That's okay. I got this."

And Evelyn got him good, by making him responsible for the bill. But he owed her anyway for ruining her cheongsam.

After settling up with the cashier, Tobias gave the card back to him. "Mr. Tang, don't let your father see the bill. He'll get upset."

The most expensive meal Peterson had ever paid for was under three hundred thousand, but Sheffield had broken that record just a few days after he became the CEO.

Luckily, he had decided to pay for it himself. Otherwise, he might be called before the board of directors to account for the cost.

"Wow, the old man is stingy! He has been making money his whole life. He has more money than he could ever spend, but he still gets ticked at a small amount like this. What's money good for if he doesn't spend it? You can't take it with you!"

Tobias was dumbstruck by Sheffield's bluntness. But this newest CEO always spoke his mind.

In the parking lot, Sheffield paused in front of the car for a couple seconds. "Head back to the office." He decided that he had made a bad choice when he took over Theo Group. There was an endless river of documents to deal with every day.

Evelyn went back to the manor wearing Sheffield's suit jacket. She didn't want to attract any unwanted attention, particularly from her mom. She changed her dress in her bedroom before she went to Debbie's room.

Debbie had just gotten Gwyn to sleep. Seeing her come in, Debbie put her hand on her lips, silently telling her to be quiet.

Evelyn whispered, "She fell asleep so early today."

Debbie smiled. "She is such a sweetie girl. I told her Grandpa and Mom were both very busy today, and I would tuck her in tonight. I think she got it. After taking a bath and drinking some milk, she fell asleep."

Evelyn touched her daughter's head and said, "I'll take a bath first and take her to my room later."

"Let her sleep here. Your dad's away on business. Let her sleep with me. You need your beauty sleep."

"Okay." After kissing Gwyn on the cheek, Evelyn went back to her bedroom.

Three days later, Evelyn came to the offices of Theo Group again—and again to see Sheffield. She sent a message to him on the way. "I'm coming to your office to see you." Then she added, "With dinner."

She was sure

ut of the car with Sheffield's suit jacket in her hand.

"Hey, Evelyn. Sorry to keep you waiting. Traffic was a nightmare." He looked at her apologetically.

"No, it's cool. I just got here. Let's go!" Evelyn turned to Felix and instructed, "Grab the food container."

"Yes, Miss Huo."

On their way to the entrance, Joshua cautiously asked, "Sheffield has been really busy since he took over as CEO. In fact, he's been working hard for so long, I think he's gone nuts. What do you think?"

'Sheffield's crazy?' Evelyn shook her head. "No, I haven't seen that."

"Well, what do I know?"

Many employees of Theo Group knew that Joshua was Sheffield's best friend. So Joshua was able to come and go as he pleased. No security guard stopped her when Evelyn entered the building with him.

Just as they were about to enter the elevator, Joshua suddenly looked at his cellphone and said, "Oh, shit! Sorry Evelyn. I gotta go. Tell Sheffield we'll hang out some other time."

Without giving her a chance to speak, he jogged out of there.

Evelyn was confused. She and Felix got in the elevator and rode up.

When they reached the top floor, Tobias greeted her. "Miss Huo, nice to see you again."

"Hello, Tobias. I'm here to see Sheffield."

Glancing at the closed office doors, Tobias said, "Please wait a moment. I'll let Mr. Tang know you're here."


Just like last time, Evelyn stood there, waiting while the personal assistant made the call.

This time, she didn't have to wait long. As soon as Tobias told her Sheffield was ready to see her, the doors to his office opened.

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