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   Chapter 1000 A Light-colored Cheongsam

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7300

Updated: 2020-03-08 01:36

'Rape him?' Trying to suppress the urge to puke, Sheffield replied in a soft voice, "Okay, bye!"

If he didn't hang up on Joshua now, he'd probably end up vomiting all over the place.

Sheffield turned around and pretended that he just saw Evelyn. He said in a surprised tone, "Miss Huo!"

Restraining from showing any emotion, Evelyn took two glasses of wine from Nadia and handed one to him. "Mr. Tang, since you have come all the way here in person, I should propose a toast to you."

Nadia left quietly, leaving the two of them alone.

Looking at the wine glass in her hand, Sheffield said, "I'm sorry, Miss Huo. I've not been in good health lately. I don't drink anymore."

"Is your health really bad or are you embarrassing me on purpose?" she asked.

Sheffield glanced at the employees who were peeking at them from a small distance. "Fine. I won't embarrass you in front of the staff." He extended his hand to her for the glass.

As Evelyn handed him the wine, she came closer to him than he had expected, and quickly grabbed the phone from his hand. She moved a few steps away from him while he was still confused.

Sheffield gaped.

The man was stunned, but then, he smiled helplessly. "People are looking and your behavior is very misleading."

Ignoring him, she tried to unlock the phone. It had a password lock.

"Wait!" Sheffield said in guilty haste.

She cast a cold glance at him.

"Miss Huo, I hope you are aware that what you are doing is an invasion of my privacy. If you go through my private stuff, I will be forced to call my lawyer and— Hey!" He watched as she unlocked his phone with ease.

Only if there weren't so many people watching them... He could have easily grabbed the phone back from her. But, he was helpless in their current situation.

He had changed his phone, but his password was still the same as before. After Evelyn entered the old password, the phone was unlocked.

She found his call records. The last person he had called was Joshua.

'So, it was Joshua on the phone with him. Not some woman!'

Giving the phone back to him, Evelyn sneered, "Mr. Tang, it's fine if you don't like me anymore. But did you o

, we cannot deal with Carlos Huo directly, but we can make things difficult for his daughter."

The two men flashed an evil smile. Maddock Zhu said with a snort, "We have to flatter Carlos all the time to gain his favor. Since he's on a business trip now, we can deal with his daughter. We can make things hard for her and make her pay for what her father has done to us."

"You're right, but don't make it too obvious. Otherwise, we'll have hell to pay if Carlos finds out."

After thinking it over for a while, Maddock Zhu suggested, "She is the host tonight, isn't she? Call the waiter. Let's order before she arrives."

"Yeah! The food here is very expensive. We should call our friends and ask them to have dinner with us too. That way, the dinner would cost her a fortune and we will be doing our friends a favor." Duran Xie took out his phone and started to call his friends.

Maddock Zhu suggested, "We need to call those who are ZL Group's partners, or our plan will be exposed."


When Evelyn arrived at the private booth, there were more people waiting for her than she had expected.

As she walked in, Duran Xie stared at her cheongsam-clad figure. His eyes almost popped out.

Those who knew him for a long time knew how much he liked women in cheongsams.

In the light-colored cheongsam, Evelyn looked more attractive than any women he had seen. Even those young models he had dated couldn't hold a candle to her.

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