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   Chapter 995 Who Was The Little Princess

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Everyone fell silent, not daring to say a word. They didn't want to get between Sheffield and his father. Not when they were fighting like this.

A look of disdain flashed in Sheffield's eyes when he spoke again. "Now that you know I'm salty, maybe you'll find a private place where we can talk about work. I don't need all these losers around. I'll be willing to sleep with you, not to mention have dinner!"

The Tang family was like a spider's web. A hundred strands, and each of these strands was a secret. And if you lingered too long, just like an overly-curious fly, you'd be stuck fast.

"You little brat!" Peterson's face turned red from fury. "Get out!" he roared.

"Happy to!" Without any hesitation, Sheffield turned and stalked out the door. Then they heard the engine of his wine-red Maybach fading in the distance.

They were still quiet three minutes after he had left the house. They just sat in the dining room, trying to shed the aura of awkwardness that clung to them.

Peterson's eyes fell on Lea's face. He said coldly, "He's still a kid. Why were you so sassy about it? He didn't want to come back anyway. If you go on like this, he'll never want to come home!"

After listening to his words, Lea felt very aggrieved. She was Peterson's wife. According to her seniority, Sheffield should call her "Mom." Yet he never did. Instead, he verbally attacked her every chance he got. And every time, Peterson blamed it all on her. She wasn't happy about what Peterson was saying, but she had no choice but to accept it. "Okay, okay. I get it. Let's eat!"

Peterson calmed down a little bit because of her conciliatory tone. But soon he felt that what he said was unfair to Lea. So he comforted her, "I'll talk to him after he calms down. He should be more respectful."

"Yeah." Passing him the chopsticks, she began to pick up food for him.

Soon after the family started eating, a servant came downstairs with a child in her arms. "Mr. and Mrs. Tang, the young master is awake."

"Mom!" The second Nastas Tang woke up, he wanted his mother. Upon seeing Lea, he felt sad with tears in his eyes.

Putting down her chopsticks, Lea came over to take him in her arms

d in front of Theo Group's office building. Felix reminded the woman sitting in the back seat, "Miss Huo, we have arrived."

"Okay." Evelyn put away the file.

Felix unbuckled his seat belt, got out of the car and opened the door for her. Then, he helped the woman in high heels out of the car.

With a box in her hand, Evelyn walked towards the entrance, bodyguard in tow.

"Go talk to the guard. I'll wait here," she told Felix. The only thing she wanted to do was see Sheffield without alarming anyone.

Felix nodded and walked up to a security guard. "Hello, Miss Huo of ZL Group is here to see Mr. Tang."

"Which Mr. Tang?" the security guard asked.

"The younger Mr. Tang. Mr. Sheffield Tang." After Sheffield assumed his position as CEO, many people called him the younger Mr. Tang to distinguish him from his father, Peterson Tang.

Before the security guard could speak, a man who was walking by stopped in his tracks. He cast a glance at Evelyn, who held a box with both hands, and asked with a smile, "You're here to see Sheffield Tang?"

Evelyn looked at him from head to toe when she heard him mention Sheffield's name. The man dressed as a successful businessman. He wore a grey striped suit with a dark blue tie, briefcase in his hand. He had fair skin, single eyelids and a faint smile on his face.

Evelyn was sure that she had never met this man before, so she didn't care about it and looked away.

Felix nodded, "We are!"

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