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   Chapter 994 Just An Outsider

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7447

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Evelyn had just gotten settled in her office when her phone rang. It was Carlos. "What's going on with the supervisor of the finance department?"

Evelyn knew Carlos was just asking. There was nothing accusatory in his tone. "Nothing serious. She got too big for her britches," she explained.

"That's my girl!" he beamed. "I raised you to be a fighter. If someone challenges you, you fight back. Don't worry about a thing. I'll be there for you if anything happens."

Evelyn smiled, "Yeah, I know. Thank you, Dad."

"I'm your dad. I'm always on your side. And I do trust you. Get back together with Sheffield if you want. But if he makes you unhappy, cut him loose. You're better than that, you know?" He was used to wielding power. He could fire as many employees as he wanted—for example, the supervisor of the finance department. But Sheffield was another matter entirely. His daughter loved the guy, and that made all the difference.

But if Sheffield hurt her again, he would step in and deal with him.

He wasn't going to let that happen, no matter what.

"I know, Dad."

That afternoon, Nadia and Evelyn had a meeting. Carlos had gotten wind of how Gillian had gotten hired. The general manager who interviewed her was bribed.

After her encounter with Evelyn, she had been punished. But Gillian was a hard worker. So instead of being fired, she just got busted down to team leader. And she'd have to take pass the qualification test to stay employed there. The general manager who hired her was also involved, and he was demoted as well.

Although this matter was not earth-shattering, it still caused a stir among the employees at ZL Group.

It was because Evelyn was in the middle of it. And after she was demoted, Gillian was punished again by Carlos. He was looking out for his daughter.

People started to gossip about Gillian, the woman who was foolish enough to offend the princess!

It didn't matter whether she was in the right or not. The point was, she had messed with the wrong person, and she would be the one who was wrong in the end.

That night, Gillian went to the Tang Residence.

In the Tang Residence

Near dinnertime, the old house was brightly lit. Several servants were

finance department. Who cares about being a supervisor?" Everyone heard what he said. They all knew he was being sarcastic, and the two sisters were embarrassed.

Peterson sat down at the table with a long face.

Lea didn't dare to say anything back to Sheffield. She could only complain to Peterson in a low voice, "Listen to him!"

Peterson didn't say anything.

Aware that Sheffield didn't want to listen to her complaint, Gillian continued, "I'd like to stay on at ZL Group. Being a team leader is fine by me, and I'll just stay away from Evelyn Huo."

Sheffield nodded. "Yes! That's a good idea! You can't beat her."

Again, Gillian felt humiliated. She had to change the subject. "Aren't you staying for dinner?"

"No, I'm not hungry. There's too much food, and it's too rich. I'd get sick if I ate that. I prefer cold water and steamed buns. Well, goodbye everyone. Bon appetit." Sheffield was always blunt and defiant around the Tangs. And this was one of the reasons why his father, Peterson, had disowned him in the first place.

"Peterson, do something..." There was a hint of grievance in Lea's voice.

This time, Peterson finally opened his mouth. He shouted at his arrogant son, "Stop!"

Sheffield turned, a sour look on his face.

"Stay for dinner!"

"No, thanks! As an outsider, I'm not supposed to eat at the same table with your family."

Peterson thumped the table in anger. "Didn't you choose to come back? Why do you have to be so salty?"

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