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   Chapter 993 Punishment

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'Let Lily Xu get back to work? Who does she think she is? I'm the department supervisor!' Gillian threw a scornful look at Evelyn. "I don't care whether you wear a work uniform or not, because you don't work in the financial department." As the department supervisor, she was sure that she had never seen Evelyn in the financial department, nor had she ever seen the name "Evelyn Tang."

"But we need to discuss this. You said you weren't talking in here? Got any proof?"

Evelyn cast her a cold glance and asked, "So, what are you going to do with Lily?"

"Of course, I'll punish her according to the company's rules and regulations. She slacked off and was chatting during office hours," Gillian said in a justified tone.

Evelyn didn't want to waste time in arguing with her. "Do as you please."

Strictly speaking, Lily was indeed making private phone calls during working hours. What Gillian wanted to do was reasonable. So Evelyn had nothing to say about it.

"Hey, which department are you in, anyway?" Gillian stopped the woman who had turned to leave. Gillian was a department supervisor, but why was Evelyn acting so arrogantly, like she had a higher position in the company?

"None of your business."

Evelyn's indifferent attitude pissed Gillian off. Lily had returned to her desk and the two of them were left alone. Looking at the woman who stood with her back to her, Gillian taunted, "I think the reason why you won't wear your uniform is you want to show off your fancy dress. Am I right? But that's not your color. It's coffee. Girls in their twenties like me don't wear dresses like that. Brown is for old ladies."

Evelyn stopped in her tracks and listened to her. "And what's that old-fashioned lipstick shade? Don't tell me—it's a luxury brand, huh? I have way better taste than you. Well, maybe it's because your temperament doesn't match the lipstick. It makes you look old and frumpy. This isn't a fashion show. You should change into your work uniform now!"

No wonder Lily had cried and complained to someone over the phone. Gillian was so sharp-tongued. She felt sorry for Lily, and anyone else who had to work under her.

Evelyn took out her phone and called Nadia. "Nadia. I need you here. I'm in the bathroom of the financial department."

Gillian was still unaware of the situation and cont

also saw the punishment notice posted on the company's website.

The employee closest to Gillian had logged into the company intranet. Her punishment was posted plain as day on the department homepage. She clenched her fists and glared back at Evelyn. "I'm going to talk to Mr. Huo, the CEO. I don't think he'll let you do this just to get back at me!"

A dash of sarcasm flashed through Evelyn's eyes. "Should I call my dad and ask him to come here?"

'Dad?' Although Gillian had thought Evelyn was related to Carlos, she was still shocked by the fact that Carlos was actually Evelyn's father.

No wonder this woman didn't need to wear uniforms; she could afford skin-care products worth millions; and she could afford clothes and jewelry worth tens of millions.

It made sense now.

Tracy Wang immediately chimed in, "Miss Huo, please don't be angry. She never saw you before. She didn't mean to offend you. I'll punish her, if you want."

Without another word, Evelyn turned and left the financial department.

When they walked into the elevator, Nadia reported in a low voice, "Miss Huo, the assistant of Theo Group's CEO called me back just now. He said Mr. Tang is super-busy. He doesn't have time to see you. Besides, Mr. Tang has handed over all the work regarding the research and development to his team. If you have any problem, you can contact his team."

Evelyn didn't respond.

She was in a bad mood because of Gillian, and now Sheffield was making things hard for her too.

She rubbed the spot between her eyebrows. "I see."

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