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   Chapter 992 Complaints

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Sighing, Debbie put the first-aid kit away and said, "Let's go. Let Evelyn be. She had a busy day at work, and I'm sure she's tired."

Carlos nodded and stood up from the sofa. "You wanna know what I think?" he asked Evelyn. "I think you need to play harder to get. String him on for a couple years if you want. If you get with him too quickly it might make you look desperate."

He turned to Debbie. "Honey, why are you staring at me? I mean it. We need to let Sheffield know that Evelyn's not that easy. Otherwise, he won't think she's worth keeping."

Debbie tried her hardest to drag the man out of the room as he prattled.

Carlos didn't want to leave the room yet. "I haven't hugged Gwyn yet!"

"Let the baby sleep now. You can see her tomorrow! Out!" Debbie insisted.

"Okay, okay." Carlos dropped the idea of hugging his granddaughter, but he was still angry with Sheffield. He continued, "Look, Evelyn. See this bruise? That was Sheffield. Tell him if he tries anything like that again, I'll beat the shit out of him every time I see him."

Carlos' voice trailed off when the door finally shut.

Silence reigned in the bedroom once more. Evelyn felt her head ache. She missed the calm, cold, decisive Carlos Huo. What happened to him? How did he manage to lose his cool?

Sighing helplessly, she tucked her sleeping daughter in and kissed her forehead before heading to the bathroom for a shower.

The next morning, at ZL Group

Evelyn called Nadia in and said, "Contact Theo Group and set up a meeting. I want to talk to Mr. Tang about his research projects." Actually, Evelyn didn't want to talk to him directly, so she asked Nadia to do it.

Nadia nodded, "Yes, Miss Huo."

Right then and there, Nadia dialed the phone number of the assistant to the CEO of Theo Group. "Hello, this is Nadia from ZL Group. My boss wants to meet with yours. When would be a good time to do that?"

Two minutes later, Nadia hung up the phone. "Miss Huo, they said...Mr. Tang is not in the office now. They'll call when he's back in."

Inexplicably, Evelyn heaved a sigh of relief. "Okay, thanks."

Nadia nodded with a smile.

"By the way, the managers are supposed to be conducting a tour of the company. Sort of a check-up on how things are running, right? Have they started that yet?" Evelyn shifted her attention back to work.

"They will start in three minutes, Miss Huo."

"I thi

"Why don't you get to work instead of hiding in here?" A domineering female voice suddenly rang behind them.

The female employee's face turned even paler. "I'm really done this time." She immediately greeted her supervisor respectfully, "Hello, Miss Chi!"

The sound of high heels came closer and closer, and a woman stalked up to the pair. "Slacking off? Lily Xu, do you want to lose your job?" The indignant supervisor turned on Evelyn next. "And who are you? Where's your uniform— It's you?!" The woman was taken aback the moment her gaze landed on Evelyn's face.

They hadn't seen each other for two years, but they recognized each other at once.

Gillian was stunned, while Evelyn was expressionless.

"You also work here?" Gillian didn't think anyone who had nothing to do with the company would be here at this hour.

Evelyn nodded indifferently.

"Which department are you in? Why aren't you wearing your uniform during working hours? And you're just chatting away with a co-worker? Why aren't you at your desk?" Gillian scolded Evelyn arrogantly as if haranguing a subordinate.

Lily Xu quickly denied everything. "No, I don't know her. We weren't talking. I just... I had to use the restroom. I'm going back to work now." Lily Xu hadn't seen Evelyn before, so she tried her best to disassociate herself from her.

Although Evelyn didn't start at the bottom, she understood how things worked here. She didn't want to get Lily Xu in trouble. "First, I don't have a work uniform, and don't need to wear one. Second, we weren't in here talking. Please let her get back to work."

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