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   Chapter 990 Beat The Crap Out Of You

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The manager of the night club heard that someone was making trouble in the club. He came along with a group of men, ready to drive whoever was making trouble away. When he saw that it was Carlos who had started the fight along with Sheffield, he became so frightened that he sent his men away. After all, Carlos and Sheffield were practically kings in Y City.

The manager couldn't afford to offend the likes of them.

Carlos kept trying to land a punch on Sheffield, but the young man kept dodging only angering Carlos even more. Joshua could sense that something bad was going to happen. He had his relationship with Terilynn to consider. He just couldn't risk Carlos' wrath. Taking a deep breath, he ran toward Sheffield and wrapped his arms around his waist to try to get him to back off. "Sheffield! This isn't worth it! Just let him land a punch. It's no big deal!"

Sheffield tried to struggle himself free but failed. "No! I didn't do anything wrong. Why should I let him beat me up? I already let that happen before, and I was with Evelyn back then. I let it happen because he's her father, but Evelyn and I aren't even together anymore, so why should I allow him to do this?"

Carlos gasped for air and roared, "Idiot! You think you're some big shot now, don't you? Do you think that just because you're the CEO of Theo Group I wouldn't dare to hurt you?"

"No, I don't. I always knew that you never liked me. And you have no respect for the Theo Group." Sheffield wanted to take one step forward, but with Joshua holding his waist, he couldn't. "Uncle Carlos, come on! Show me what you've got! I'm not afraid of you!"

"Huh! You've got some balls to challenge me! I'll beat the crap out of you today!" Carlos charged toward Sheffield without a care for what other people might say.

However, both Wesley and Damon stopped him from moving farther. Wesley tapped his shoulder and reminded him, "Bro, you have a reputation to protect." After all, he was the president of a multinational group.

What he didn't know was that Sheffield was the CEO of a multinational group too.

Wesley was only involved in military affairs. He never cared about business, so he didn't know who Sheffield was.

Joshua reminded Sheffield in a low voice, "Dude, that's enough. Do you really want

leep. He liked that Gywn was so close to him, her grandfather. The little girl could call "Grandpa" already, but she still couldn't call "Dad." That made Carlos happier than when he threw a punch in Sheffield's face.

The smile on Carlos' face made the hairs on Sheffield's arms stand.

Before Sheffield and Joshua could figure out what Carlos was smiling about, he left along with Damon and Wesley.

In the parking lot of the nightclub

Wesley was confused. "Carlos, what's wrong with you? I haven't seen you act so impulsively before. What is it with you and that kid?"

Carlos didn't know how to explain what had happened two years ago. "He's pursuing Evelyn," he explained grumpily.

Wesley nodded. "And? Are they dating?"

Carlos replied honestly, "No. Evelyn wanted to be with him, but I didn't allow her."

"You're in the wrong here, man. As long as they're happy, then you should just stay out of it."

Damon echoed Wesley. "Wesley's right. Since he's not with Evelyn, he didn't do anything wrong. It's perfectly normal for him to flirt with whomever he wants. He's single after all."

Carlos suddenly stopped. Damon and Wesley turned around and looked at him in confusion.

After a while, Carlos said, "He's Gwyn's father."

'Gwyn's father?' Damon and Wesley were shocked.

Not many people knew about Gwyn, but Carlos' friends did.

Wesley walked up to him and put his arm around his shoulder. "Let's go! Let's go back!"

"What for?" Carlos didn't move.

"I'll help you give him a beating!"

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