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   Chapter 989 I Am Single Now

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 8222

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"Well, are you going back to your bedroom or do you want to sleep here?" Evelyn asked.

Holding Gwyn in her arms, Terilynn said in a pettishly charming manner, "Eve, I want to sleep with Gwyn tonight." Terilynn couldn't bear to be apart from such an adorable baby.

Evelyn rolled her eyes at her sister and said, "Fine then, but first, go and take a shower."

"Yes ma'am!" Terilynn got off the bed and saluted Evelyn mockingly before scampering off to the bathroom.

As Evelyn pensively stared at her daughter's sleeping face, she remembered something. Not long after she gave birth to Gwyn, she found it difficult to share the same bed with her daughter. Oftentimes she would wake up in the middle of the night, feeling claustrophobic in her own bed.

This one time, Evelyn turned over and the little foot that was resting on her waist fell onto the bed.

Her eyes shot up immediately and she saw a baby girl sleeping behind her. Gripped with fear, she sat bolt upright in bed.

Staring at the little girl with wide-eyed confusion, Evelyn sat there motionlessly for a few seconds. Then after a while, she came to her senses and felt relieved. 'Oh, it is Gwyn, my daughter.'

As time passed, Evelyn eventually got used to sleeping with the little girl in the same bed.

Sometimes Debbie would take Gwyn to sleep in her bedroom, or Gwyn would sleep in the baby's room alone. Evelyn wasn't used to sleeping alone.

Getting used to something like that was indeed a truly horrible feeling.

Meanwhile, Sheffield had resigned from the Y City First General Hospital almost a year ago. Ever since he came back, all he did was work in the Theo Group to keep himself busy.

As a son of Peterson Tang, his charming good looks and brilliance made him the focus of the press. Most of the unwedded ladies of Y City wanted to marry and settle down with him.

Just the other day, all the media outlets published an article about Sheffield's intimate relationship with the daughter of the King of Gamblers. Reports said that he had deliberately lost a big sum of money just to make the beautiful woman smile.

More recently, there were rumors going around that Sheffield was almost impeached by the senior board members of the Theo Group.

Today, the newspapers published a shocking expose on Sheffield and his best friend Joshua, the youngest son of former mayor, Darius Fan. There were photos of them both entering a nightclub and neither was seen or

amilies were allowed to have fun, why couldn't he, a single man, enjoy his life too?

"How dare you!"

The reason behind Carlos' anger felt confusing and unreasonable to Sheffield. Why would Sheffield shy away from the truth? Besides, he and Evelyn weren't even together now.

Much to everyone's surprise, Carlos raised his fist and darted towards Sheffield.

Sheffield, however, dodged the man's fist as quickly as he could.

Most of the people hanging around Sheffield were well aware of who Carlos Huo was, and as such, the moment they saw how angry he was, they immediately ran back to their private room.

Only Joshua, who was leaning against the door, thought about how to separate the two men who were fighting each other.

Carlos threw a second punch, but Sheffield was able to dodge it again. Fuming with rage, Carlos glared at Sheffield with bloodshot eyes and screamed, "How dare you try to dodge me!"

"I don't want to get hit by someone I can't hit back! You are not my father! But I promise not to dodge your punch if you agree to become my father-in-law!"

"Keep dreaming, you worthless imbecile!" Carlos hardly ever cursed, but today he was too furious to care about his manners.

"Don't mind if I do," Sheffield said. 'One way or the other, I'm going to make Evelyn my wife and you, my father-in-law!' he mused.

Wesley and Damon looked at Carlos, mouth agape. Wesley asked Damon, "I see that a lot's been going on in Y City in my absence. Care to fill me in?"

"My friend, I am just as clueless as you are!" In fact, even Damon didn't know what this young man had done to infuriate Carlos so much.

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