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   Chapter 988 A Slave For Gwyn

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'She is going to run away from me again? No way!' Carlos let go of Evelyn and pulled Debbie into his arms. "Hey, don't ever say that again! It's not funny at all. Aren't you ashamed of saying ridiculous things like that in front of your daughter?"

"Why would I feel ashamed? Eve will not laugh at me." Debbie pushed him away, pouting her lips and acting all mad.

Evelyn covered her eyes with the palm of her hand, stifling the urge to laugh and shook her head at the older couple arguing like children.

Suddenly, a brisk voice graced them from the stairway. "Dad, Mom, please spare us from your lover's quarrel. Eve and I are still single, so please consider our feelings and stop making us feel envious, okay?"

Terilynn had just returned from outside, blasting Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy" through her headphones.

Carlos' face darkened at the sight of his younger daughter. "Why are you so late? Did you go out to dinner with Joshua again?"

Terilynn muttered incoherently, looking up at the ceiling to avert her father's eyes. "How did you know that? You are so mean to Joshua that he's afraid to come and say hello to you."

Carlos furrowed his eyebrows. After all, how could he forgive Joshua for turning down his offer to get engaged to Evelyn? "Joshua is not man enough to show his face to me again! After what he did, it would do him good to stay out of my sight!" he spat angrily.

Sighing with exasperation, Terilynn said, "My dear father, can't you just be the better man and forgive him?"

"No! I may be a reasonable person, but I am not very forgiving. If he had agreed to get engaged to Evelyn, she wouldn't have gotten engaged to Calvert. And now Gwyn wouldn't have to live a life without a father by her side."

The three women were all on the brink of a meltdown. Debbie retorted, "Have you ever thought about your own actions? If you hadn't intervened in their business and forced Evelyn to get engaged to Calvert, Gwyn's real father would have been the one to coax her to sleep now, not her grandpa."

That comment caused dead silence, because Debbie had hit the nail on the head.

Carlos' menacing face immediately softened, but he still refused to give in. "I have no regrets for what I have done. If I had done nothing, Gwyn would be living with Sheffield at the Tang family mansion and I would have no choice but to miss her every day. Besides, I don't want Gwyn to call a woman in her early thirties 'Grandma.'" Carlos would rather keep his granddaughter away from a social climber like Lea.

Debbie and her daugh

? Let's talk a little longer, okay?"

"What do you want to talk about?" she asked.

"Ask the cutie's mommy if I can make the picture you took just now my new profile photo?" he asked. The baby girl was so adorable. Her chubby little face and her long eyelashes.

"Go ahead! I'm giving you permission on behalf of her mother." Besides, it was just Gwyn's profile. No one would know who she really was.

After Joshua had changed his profile picture to Gwyn's photo, Terilynn said, "You also think she's cute, don't you?"

She was wondering if she should take another picture of Gwyn to make it her profile picture as well.

"Yes, I think I am in love. Please bring her out with you so that we can hang out sometimes."

"I will have to discuss that with her mother first!" That would prove to be quite difficult as even if Evelyn would have no objection, Carlos would strongly oppose to that suggestion.

After all, he would never take any chances with Gwyn's safety after what had happened to her before.

When Evelyn came out of the bathroom in a bathrobe, she saw Terilynn playing with her phone on her bed. "Is there some kind of treasure inside your phone? Your face is always glued to that thing whenever I see you."

Terilynn replied, "Eve, I just posted a photo of Gwyn's sleeping face in Moments, and someone immediately made it his profile picture. What a jerk, huh?"

"Gwyn's picture?" Evelyn's eyes shot up in bewilderment.

"Yes, but don't worry, it was just her profile. Only those who are very familiar with Gwyn would be able to recognize her." The Huo family was so protective of Gwyn that even Terilynn and Evelyn couldn't compare to her when both of them were young.

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