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   Chapter 986 Just Roll With It

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7441

Updated: 2020-03-04 00:02

Evelyn turned to look at the source of the voice. It was none other than Joshua, and the man standing right beside him was Sheffield, hands in his pockets.

Peterson waved at them and said, "Sheffield, Joshua! Get over here. I'd like you to meet Miss Huo."

The two young men just stood there. "You sure that he doesn't know about you and Evelyn?" Joshua asked his buddy in a low voice.

"Yeah, he knows," replied Sheffield, staring at Evelyn.

'He knows everything about me. He's just pretending not to. I've been around Evelyn a lot. There's no way he couldn't know, ' he thought to himself.

"Okay. So we just roll with it!" 'That's what I figured!' Joshua thought. 'There were a lot of people on Uncle Peterson's payroll. And some of them were sent to spy on Sheffield. And it's not like Evelyn and Sheffield were trying to hide their relationship. Yeah, Uncle Peterson knows all about it.'

Sheffield tilted his head. "Give me your glass!"

"What?" Joshua was about to head over to greet Peterson when he heard Sheffield's sudden request. He was taken aback.

"Your glass of red wine. Give it to me," he repeated.

Joshua took a glance at the contents of his glass. He'd already drunk some of it. "No way, dude. Flag down a waiter. What? You haven't become a complete lush on me, have you?"

Not in the mood to trade quips with his friend, Sheffield stopped a passing waiter and grabbed a glass of red wine from the tray. Then he started walking toward Peterson and Evelyn.

Joshua positioned himself in front of Peterson. This way, Sheffield had no choice but to confront Evelyn. Joshua wanted to see how the two were going to react.

Sheffield didn't let Joshua down. He took advantage of the situation and was near Evelyn. When he saw this, Joshua thought his friend was still not close enough to Evelyn, so he crowded Sheffield. Sheffield, his space invaded, instinctively moved closer to the love of his life.

The two buddies exchanged knowing looks. They gave each other a thumbs-up in their hearts.

Before Peterson could introduce everyone, a young woman in a pink cheongsam came over, taking his arm intimately. "There you are! I've been looking for you forever!"

The woman was in her

d this.

'When did I trip him? If he tripped over me, I should have felt it, right?'

Peterson gazed at Evelyn and then back to his son, who was wearing only a white shirt, and then at the stunned Joshua. He knew his son well. Instantly, he understood what Sheffield was doing. 'My son is pretty possessive when it comes to Evelyn, ' he mused.

Evelyn was angry and helpless. She needed time to calm down. Handing her glass of wine to Felix, she politely bid goodbye to Peterson and his wife. "Mr. and Mrs. Tang, I'm leaving now. Goodbye."

"I'm sorry, Miss Huo. I'll have my son pay to replace your dress when he gets a chance," Peterson said to Evelyn.

"Thank you, Mr. Tang, but that's not necessary!" She took off the suit jacket and handed it to Felix. "Give this back to Mr. Tang," she said.

"Mr. Tang, your jacket." Felix handed the jacket back to Sheffield at once.

Taking his jacket and ignoring whether the woman was angry or not, Sheffield said nonchalantly, "Alright, bye!"

Evelyn left with Felix without responding.

There were only four people left. Peterson decided to lecture his son, who was with a successful look on his face. "Sheffield, you were a little too obvious. You're a public figure, now. We can't risk big things for the sake of small ones."

'Risk big things for the sake of small ones?' Looking at the empty glass in his hand, Sheffield replied nonchalantly, "I think you and I have very different ideas of what a big thing is."

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