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   Chapter 985 Peterson's Son

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The newcomers in Y City had only heard of Evelyn's name and had never seen her before. When they saw her, they marveled at her beauty. Some young men even wanted to approach her. However, they were blocked by her bodyguard, Felix.

It had been half an hour since Evelyn had entered the venue. She chatted with the host for a while before staying at a table near the window, so she could look out and enjoy the view. Her mind went from work to Gwyn and so many other things.

"Hey! Evelyn!" She heard a familiar male voice.

She turned around only to find Joshua standing a few meters away as he was blocked by Felix. He wore a white suit and was holding a glass of champagne in his hand.

Evelyn nodded at Felix, who then stepped aside. Joshua walked up to her and sat down in front of her. "Evelyn, you have such a diligent bodyguard."

Evelyn felt quite helpless as Felix was so protective. The Huo family had a lot of enemies who were always after them. It was better to be safe than sorry. "My father's just worried about me," she said apologetically.

Joshua nodded with an understanding smile. "I understand. By the way, I haven't seen you much in the last two years. What have you been busy with?" he asked. Evelyn had kept such a low profile these past two years that even Joshua had barely seen her. In fact, in the previous year, he hadn't seen her at all.

He'd already asked Terilynn about it, but she always responded with the same thing. "I can't say anything. My father won't let me."

Evelyn smiled. "Nothing much."

Although she was smiling, Joshua could tell that she didn't want to talk about this. He immediately changed the topic and looked at her mysteriously. "Do you know who's going to take over the Theo Group?"

Evelyn shook her head honestly. She had heard a lot of rumors before. When she saw Joshua's mysterious smile, she asked with astonishment, "Are you suggesting that Mr. Tang's one-year-old son is going to take over the group?"

It was rumored that Peterson was going to hand over the position to his youngest son, but everyone knew that he was just a baby. Peterson had held a grand party last year for his son's one-month celebration. Gwyn was about the same age.

"Hahaha, that's

ssmen, though. They looked like CEOs of other companies.

Just as she was hesitating whether to leave or not, Peterson caught sight of her. "Miss Huo, you came! I was looking for you." Sheffield had been saying that he wanted to meet the representative of ZL Group. It was not until Peterson had his men look around that he knew that Evelyn had gone to the ladies' room.

Peterson turned around and found that Sheffield, who had been standing beside him, had disappeared.

Evelyn stood up and gave him a broad smile. She raised her glass and said, "Mr. Tang, congratulations!"

She had met Peterson before. ZL Group and Theo Group were both large companies, so it wasn't entirely impossible for them to run into each other every now and then. Peterson was actually Gwyn's grandfather. This thought made Evelyn have mixed feelings.

She had to look Peterson up and down again. Today he was wearing a dark blue suit and a tie of the same color. His short hair was slightly grey. His face was a little wrinkled and whenever he wasn't smiling, he always looked serious.

Sheffield didn't look like his father very much on the surface. But if one looked closely, they did have some slight resemblances. Perhaps, Sheffield looked more like his mother than he did his father.

"Thank you, Miss Huo. I hope you're having a wonderful night." Peterson was courteous to Evelyn. After all, she was Carlos' daughter.

Right at this moment, a man's voice interrupted them, "Uncle Peterson!"

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