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   Chapter 984 Gwyneth

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Debbie put the rest of the water back in the fridge. The water was just for the baby after all.

The road to the Leafside Village was bad. And it was an exhausting trip. Evelyn rubbed her temples and answered, "Not good. He's not planning on coming back. I guess I'll just have to take care of Gwyneth by myself from now on."

When Evelyn looked at her daughter who was drinking her milk, she smiled for the first time in days. She squatted down so she was looking into Gwyneth's eyes. "Gwyn, did you miss me?"

Gwyneth merely stared back at her, her face blank.

Evelyn then took Gwyneth from Carlos' arms. She'd missed her daughter so much.

At that moment, Debbie was just walking out of the kitchen. She stopped in front of Evelyn and asked, "Didn't you tell him about Gwyneth? His daughter?"

Evelyn shook her head. Sheffield was so cold and indifferent to her, so it was not like she had the chance to tell him.

Carlos rolled his eyes. "Why should Evelyn tell him? Let him go through what I went through." Carlos didn't see Evelyn until she was three years old. Gwyneth was one year old now. There was two years to go before she was three. He liked the idea of Sheffield not knowing about his own daughter until she turned three.

Debbie cast an angry glance at her husband. "This is different. Back then, I thought you were dead. How could I have told you about Evelyn? But Sheffield is in D City, perfectly fine and alive. I don't see why Evelyn shouldn't tell him the truth."

Evelyn lowered her head to kiss Gwyneth's forehead and said in a soft voice, "Dad, Mom, that's it! We can take care of Gwyn together."

This left Carlos and Debbie speechless.

They used to have way more servants in the mansion. However, Carlos had fired most of those servants due to the incident that happened a few months ago. Since then, Debbie and Carlos had been taking care of Gwyneth themselves.

When Gwyneth finished her bottle, Debbie took it from her and went to the kitchen to wash and sterilize it.

When she came back to the living room, Evelyn had put Gwyneth on the floor, watching her playing with her toys.

Debbie wiped her hands with a tissue and threw it afterward. "We're running out of water for Gwyn's formula. Are you going to send som

re you interested in attending the Theo Group's anniversary the day after tomorrow?"

While she packed her stuff, Evelyn shook her head and answered, "No."

Carlos nodded. After a while, he added, "Matthew called and said he wanted you to go to the party. I guess he was planning something. Anyway, if you don't want to go, I can ask someone else to attend."

Matthew wanted her there? Evelyn thought for a while. 'Matthew isn't really the type to do something without a reason. There must be something going on if he specifically asked for me to attend. Is it because he wants me to meet the new CEO of Theo Group?' "Dad, I can go."

Carlos was just about to text Matthew when he heard this. In response, he deleted his message and nodded. "Okay! You don't have to worry about Gwyn. Your mother and I will take care of her. Just enjoy yourself."

"Okay. Thank you, Dad."

At the venue of Theo Group's 40th anniversary

The venue was exquisitely decorated and the air smelled of flowers. The food and drinks they served the guests were luxurious: snacks, fruits, wine, champagne, liquor, you name it.

It didn't have to be said but it was quite obvious that Peterson Tang was going all out with this party.

Since he was going to announce the new CEO of Theo Group, celebrities and distinguished guests alike filled the banquet hall.

That evening, Evelyn donned a wine-red fish tail gown that bared her back. As much as she tried to keep a low profile, she still attracted a lot of attention.

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