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   Chapter 981 Calvert's Confession

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Updated: 2020-03-02 00:12

Langston called his assistant and ordered, "Have someone tail Evelyn, and find out whom she is spending time with. And cancel all my meetings for this afternoon. I'm going to ZL Group."

Rowena blurted out hastily, "The man's name is Sheffield Tang, the doctor who has recently risen to fame in the medical circle."

Langston recognized the name. After all, Dr. Tang had become pretty well-known in Y City recently. 'So, it's him...'

he mused. After a short pause, he said, "He's not in Y City at the moment." Sheffield had handed over all his work to his subordinates and had gone to the countryside to offer some much-needed medical support. But nobody knew where exactly he had gone.

Langston figured that since Evelyn had kept him as her boy toy, it was highly likely that she would find someone else in Sheffield's absence. So, it was imperative that he keep an eye on her.

After making his decision, he turned to Rowena and snorted when he saw the hopeful expression on her face. He said sharply, "Even if Calvert doesn't end up with Evelyn Huo, I will make sure he finds another capable woman. You can never have him." Ignoring her pale face, he said to Ally, "When this matter is settled, you'd better introduce some men to her. Marry her off as soon as possible."

Ally was so angry that she screamed, "Langston!"

Regardless of her angry shrill, he left the study to rush to the company.

Ally's heart rose and fell in fury. Everything was ruined. She had had her own selfish motives from the beginning. Ally had always hoped that her daughter would marry Calvert. After all, they were not related by blood.

If her plans had fallen into place, the Ji family's fortune would have belonged to her daughter, and in turn, her.

But she hadn't expected in her worst nightmare that the affair between Rowena and Calvert would be exposed so openly to the world at such a horrible time. The scandal had ruined all her plans in an instant.

Calvert was on a business trip abroad when the scandal had been exposed. As soon as he touched down in Y City, he went straight to Evelyn.

She was in her office,

atter what you do, I'll break off the engagement. Give up, Calvert."

With his full strength, he pulled her closer to him. His eyes turned dark. "Evelyn, you cannot be with him. You are mine. So, you give up on that idea!"

He let go of her and left the office without turning back.

As soon as he walked out of ZL Group, he was surrounded by reporters who had been waiting to interview Evelyn. They bombarded him with questions. "Mr. Ji, did you come to see Miss Huo?"

"Mr. Ji, the rumor on the Internet about your affair—is it true?"

"Did Evelyn Huo do something wrong to you? Why did you do this to her? Why were you so ungrateful?"

"It hasn't been long since you got engaged to Miss Huo. And the rumors claim that the other woman is your step-sister. How do you feel right now? Are you feeling guilty? Ashamed?"

Calvert did appear to be guilty as he was swarmed by the cameras.

"I do feel sorry and I owe Evelyn an apology, but the affair happened before we were engaged. I didn't cheat on her and I promise I'll treat her well in the future."

His confession took the media by surprise.

The news about the confession of his affair became the trending topic on Weibo, and went completely viral.

Sympathies flooded for Evelyn, the victim of the affair. Since she didn't have any private Weibo account, the netizens left comments on ZL Group's official account to comfort the poor woman.

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