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   Chapter 974 Visiting Vernon

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Evelyn replied flatly, "Any date is okay by me."

Things were a little awkward. It was a pretty straightforward question. Calvert decided to make sure all this went smoothly. "The 20th then. I'll reserve the venue for the engagement party. Don't worry about a thing, Evelyn. Uncle Carlos, Aunt Debbie, anything you want to see at the party? Maybe a memorial to a loved one? A family crest, perhaps?"

"No, I'll leave it to you." Carlos was unreadable. The whole time the two families were discussing the engagement, he acted as amiable as a gentleman. He gave no advice, and made no requests.

Debbie looked at Evelyn and curled her lips. "Evelyn is not ostentatious at all. Maybe just invite a few close friends. We can wait and hold a major ceremony for the wedding."

'There won't be a wedding, not if I have anything to say about it, ' Debbie murmured to herself.

Calvert replied obediently, "Okay. I know what Evelyn likes, so I'll make sure that she enjoys it. It's her night, after all."

Rowena remained silent as a deer. She gritted her teeth and looked at Evelyn, who had been staring at her phone the whole time. She thought it was so unfair to Calvert.

They were discussing their engagement, but Evelyn acted like she didn't care at all. How could she disrespect the Ji family like that?

Later on that evening, the Ji family left the Huo's. As soon as they got into the car, Ally began to complain to Langston. "I don't understand what Calvert sees in her. Look at the way she acts. She looks down her nose at us. She doesn't respect her elders. She made it look like we were desperate to get married. She's rich and hot. So what? She messes around with a gigolo and leaves a trail of dead boyfriends in her wake. It's an honor for Calvert to marry her, to think highly of her. She doesn't deserve him at all. She really pisses me off!"

She heard from Rowena that Evelyn had been dating a doctor.

Calvert sat there behind the wheel, concentrating on the road. He didn't say a word.

Langston was a henpecked husband. Despite his wife's constant nagging, he just said, "We should look at the big picture. The Huos are a big deal. Tons of influence and mon

em. He had prepared food and drinks. He even went to the market early that morning and bought some food to cook.

"Hi Master, I'm here to wish you a happy New Year! Have you prepared the red packets?"

Sheffield shouted before he even entered the living room.

Vernon wanted to give him a kick, but since Evelyn was present, he gave up on that thought. He watched the young couple walk into the living room hand in hand.

Sheffield didn't let go of Evelyn's hand until they were standing in front of Vernon. He bowed his head, cupped his hands and said with deep respect, "Happy New Year, Master!"

Evelyn hadn't expected him to greet his master this way. She should greet the old man too, but now, she didn't know what to do at all.

Ignoring Sheffield, Vernon turned to look at Evelyn and said with a broad smile, "And you must be Evelyn."

Evelyn nodded and said politely, "Yes, Mr. Yuan. I'm Evelyn Huo. Happy New Year. I wish you health and a long life." She pulled Sheffield to her and reminded him to give the gifts to Vernon.

She was graceful without trying. Vernon liked her. He waved his hand and said, "You don't have to call me Mr. Yuan. If you like, you can call me 'Grandpa'! I'd like to have a granddaughter like you!"

"Okay, Grandpa."

"Hi, Master. Evelyn bought these for you. I wanted to buy them for you, but she paid the bill herself. I got pretty bent about it," Sheffield said as he gave the gifts to the old man.

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