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   Chapter 971 Don't Flatter Yourself

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Pain shot through the kidnapper's body, and he let out a loud shrill. His grip against the dagger loosened, and it fell on the ground.

A sudden jerk made its way to Terilynn's spine, and she made a sharp turn. That was when she realized that someone had been following her. When she saw the dagger on the ground, her body trembled like a dried leaf. The snacks she was holding fell on the ground.

How could the kidnapper let her go so easily? His vicious glare cast on Evander. He picked up the dagger and was ready to stab Terilynn again.

Evander shouted unintelligibly, trying to attract the attention of others, but there were not many people on the street, and the few around didn't dare to interfere. He had to pick up the broom and swung it at the kidnapper's head again.

Terilynn took a few steps back when the broom flashed like a shadow, and it hit the kidnapper's head. Blood spurted out from his head.

She took the chance to run and pulled out her phone to call her bodyguard.

Fortunately, she was near her school. It wouldn't take long before the bodyguard arrived.

The kidnapper pressed his free hand against his small wound in the head and glared fiercely at Evander. If it weren't for that man, the kidnapper could have approached that girl without hindrance. The flame of anger rose in his heart at the thought, and he rushed at Evander with his knife. The latter stared at the knife with horrified eyes and dodged the attack.

When he had been busy in shrinking back, the kidnapper swung his hand another time that Evander couldn't dodge. A small cut opened in his arm, and blood flooded out.

Terilynn hung up the phone and turned back only to be shocked by the scene. The kidnapper was attacking Evander. She rushed back and picked up the broom, swinging it at the man. The kidnapper tightened his grip against the knife and rushed at Terilynn, ignoring the injured Evander.

Before the kidnapper could attack Terilynn, the bodyguard rushed over and subdued the gangster, taking him to the police station.

Out of gratitude, Carlos hired Evander as a cleaner in the manor. Even though the manor was a little far from Evander's home, he was ready to travel, unwilling to live in the quarters of the Huo family's servants. Carlos was generous enough to arrange a driver to pick him up every day.

His salary used to be only two or three grand a month, but Carlos paid him three times as much.

Later, the Huo family learned that Evander was very poor and a l

ld, he would try to get along well with him for Evelyn's sake. As long as Sheffield didn't do anything to hurt Evelyn, Matthew would just leave him alone.

When he walked out of the manor, Sheffield was leaning against the car and smoking. He opened the door of the passenger seat for Matthew with the cigarette dangling at the corner of his mouth. "Come here, Matthew. Sit in the passenger seat as your sister does."

Matthew took a glance at him and got in.

Sheffield put out the cigarette and was about to get in the car when he looked up and happened to find a familiar woman on the balcony. The corners of his lips quirked up at that. He raised his hand to wave at her, and also blew her a kiss.

In the dark, Evelyn could only vaguely see him raising his hand, but she failed to see the kiss.

Sheffield smiled at her and ignited the car.

On the way, Matthew asked while playing with his phone, "Did you change the bed in your guest room?"

"Of course. And I bought you a costly one since you're Evelyn's brother. Remember to pay me back." Sheffield was a neat freak himself. He knew exactly what Matthew would be worried about if he was to spend the night in his apartment.

So, that evening, after he took Evelyn out of the Huo family manor, he had told someone to change the bed in his guest room.

"Taking money for just a bed? You don't sound sincere enough to let me stay at your place." Matthew's voice was indifferent and cold. To make himself look even more aloof, he stuck his head on his phone while speaking.

"If you were not my buddy, I wouldn't even let you enter my apartment!"

"Don't flatter yourself," Matthew taunted.

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