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   Chapter 970 Domineering CEO

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Evander was thrilled to see Evelyn. He wanted to say something, but he couldn't. He tried to express his feelings with his hands, waving them around, and forming them into letters. Evelyn could see the joy in his face.

Evelyn stood at the end of the bed, smiling at Evander, and then she turned to Sheffield. "Get him on CRRT. You and I both know he needs it. And put him on the waiting list for a new kidney. When he gets better, he can change to ordinary dialysis."

"You're right," Sheffield replied after a pause. He turned and asked a nurse to get a room ready for CRRT.

Nova was so anxious that she grabbed the nurse by the arm. She yelled, "Oh, no! We don't want CRRT. It's too expensive. We don't have the money for that! Don't listen to her!"

Evelyn cast a sidelong glance at her and told Tayson, "Go to the registrar and tell them to put it all on my tab."

Hearing this, Nova shut up. She knew Evelyn was rich. Feeling embarrassed, she walked back into the room and remained silent.

"Yes, Miss Huo." Tayson left to do as he was told.

Sheffield led the doctors and nurses out of the ward. Before he left, he told Evelyn quietly, "I'll be in my office. I need to finish up some paperwork and write a prescription."

Evelyn nodded.

Now there were only three people left in the ward, and the place was much quieter. Evelyn walked up to Evander and looked at the middle-aged man. The excessive water accumulation swelled his limbs and caused other problems. "Uncle Evander, why didn't you tell your family you were sick?" she sighed, feeling sorry for the man.

Evander shook his head with a smile. Evelyn didn't know what he wanted to say. He made unintelligible sounds, occasionally grabbing Evelyn's hand and gesturing. After a long while, he finally realized that he couldn't speak. So he took out his phone and typed on it. "Don't spend any more money on me, kiddo. I'm really sick. I'm used to it."

Evelyn shook her head. "Listen to the doctors, Uncle Evander. Take care of yourself and you should live past eighty."

Evander typed again. "Why aren't you home celebrating the New Year?"

"My friend is a doctor. I came here with him. And come to

st have thought the readers were idiots.

However, on hearing what she said, Sheffield replied in a more serious tone, "It's true. I heard about it. It happened to one of the pregnant women in our hospital. She was a star. She was the talk of the hospital for a while." Although he was not an obstetrician, he had contact with gynecologists and obstetricians occasionally. So from time to time, he heard the strangest things.

Evelyn was at a loss for words. "Okay! I'm ignorant!" So the writer was accurate after all.

"No. I wouldn't have believed it either if I hadn't come across it before!" Then Sheffield started the engine, and they left the hospital together.

"Yes, it's super rare."

"Now, about Evander... Who is he?"

"He used to work for my family." Evelyn began to tell him about Evander.

He used to clean the Huo family manor. He was a pitiful man. Since he was a child, he had been mute, and was somewhat silly.

Normally, the Huos would never hire someone like him. But he gained Carlos' gratitude.

One day when Terilynn was in primary school, she snuck out of her school to buy snacks during recess. When she crossed the street, she encountered a kidnapper hired by a rival company. They wanted to get back at Carlos and were going to hurt her.

At that time, Evander was working as a street sweeper. Seeing the man take out a dagger intending to stab Terilynn, he raised the broom and hit the kidnapper's wrist—hard.

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