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   Chapter 968 The Patient

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Gillian pointed her fingers at the skin-care products and raised her head to gaze at the saleswoman. "How much is one set?"

"Oh, this series has liquid essence, facial cream, eye cream, and facial mask. The general price is eight hundred and eighty thousand. If you buy it today, we can also give you a ten-thousand-worth certificate of Shining International Plaza with no strings."

'Eight hundred and eighty thousand?' Gillian's eyes widened at that. Her heart trembled after hearing the price. The most expensive set of skin-care products she had ever used was only about 200, 000 dollars, but this set was worth more than 800 thousand. Was it gold?

Gillian closed her eyes, and Evelyn's face popped up in her mind. Her fair skin was probably the result of this particular product. She eyed the material for a long time and hardened her heart. She must get this one if she wanted to walk in front of Evelyn with confidence. "Pack one for me."

"Okay, ma'am, please give me an address." The saleswoman took out her pen and notepad. "Our staff will deliver it to your home tomorrow."

At first, Gillian intended to leave her home address, but an idea flashed through her mind. If she happened to get the costly skin-care products in front of her colleagues, they would be jealous of her for sure. Her eyes brightened at the thought. "Gillian Chi, the manager of the finance department of ZL Group." How could she not brag about such an expensive set of skin-care products? She took a picture and shared it on WeChat Moments.

ZL Group was well-known in Y City, and its office building had become a landmark for everyone.

The saleswoman glanced at Gillian with sparkling eyes. "Wow, so, you're a manager of ZL Group. But you look so young. You're awesome!"

Gillian flipped her long hair near her ear and smiled in feigned modesty. "I'm flattered. I'm ready to pay."

"Okay, please wait for a moment, Miss Chi."

After paying the bill and leaving the address, Gillian went back to the cinema alone.

She looked at her watch. Sheffield and Evelyn must be inside the cinema already. That was when her eyes swept on her friend, who had been waiting for her. She walked over and began telling her friend how expensive those beauty products were.

Sheffield had originally wanted to take Evelyn to the theater but eventually failed. Just when the ticket taker was about to take their tickets, he got a phone call from the hospical. "Dr. Tang, we've got a new patient, male, 45 years

t they wouldn't be able to excrete extra water. It would cause swelling and might lead to heart failure.

Apart from the pain, the patients had to have CRRT at the nearest hospital every two days. In the end, they wouldn't be able to take part in any activities that would take more than a day. It was so sad.

Sheffield took Evelyn to his office after reaching the hospital, and changed his clothes.

It was New Year's Eve, but when they arrived at the inpatient department, Sheffield found that the hospital was full. Hospital beds had been arranged in the corridor too. The patients were watching the Spring Festival Gala on TV.

A few patients were lying on the bed alone, without anyone to accompany them.

Evelyn glanced around and found an empty bench. She turned toward Sheffield. "I'll wait for you here."

Sheffield looked at the bench behind Evelyn and nodded. "Okay."

Evelyn was about to sit on the bench in the corridor, when another doctor called Sheffield. "Dr. Tang, good! You're here! The family of the patient is right at the door. Please come and have a look."

Sheffield had just taken a few steps when a sharp female voice echoed in the corridor. "You are Dr. Tang? What the hell is wrong with your hospital? You doctors told us hypertension is deadly and prescribed medicine and infusion. Do you think we are made of money? You blood-sucking assholes!"

Evelyn frowned at the voice, and her face turned gloomy.

Sheffield explained to the woman patiently, "Your husband's high blood pressure has surpassed 190, which means he is at risk. If he doesn't get the treatment, the consequences will be exactly as Dr. Wang said."

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