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   Chapter 967 Ruin My Face

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7598

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'Evelyn…Tang?' Evelyn turned to look at Sheffield, who was still smiling.

Gillian nodded her head and said, "Oh, you two have the same surname. What a coincidence."

"No," Sheffield explained. "Her original surname is not Tang. She uses mine. So, she is Evelyn Tang now."

Gillian realized what was going on. She had never known that Sheffield could be this sweet and so romantic.

She mumbled with a stiff smile, "But you're not married yet, right? Why is she already using your surname?"

"Does it matter? We will get married sooner or later, and she will eventually be taking my surname." Sheffield kissed the dumbfounded Evelyn in front of the other two women.

She said that name in her head again and again. Evelyn Tang—she didn't hate it at all.

Gillian managed to calm down and changed the subject. "Have you finished watching the movie?"

"Not yet. We have another half an hour left," Sheffield replied.

"Ours doesn't start for an hour. There is a nice coffee house downstairs. Would you like to join us?" Gillian invited them, hoping to know more about the woman in Sheffield's arm.

He didn't think Evelyn would want to hang with Gillian. So, he refused right away. "Thank you, but we have other plans. We were just heading downstairs to get her some skin-care products."

"Yeah? I know a lot about beauty products. Miss Tang, what kind of product are you looking for?" Gillian pretended to be interested.

Evelyn flashed a smile. Sheffield's ex-girlfriend sounded way too enthusiastic. However, she still answered politely, "I need some facial cream." Among her skin-care products, Evelyn always ran out of facial cream the most quickly. She didn't like to keep a spare bottle and the one she was using was about to run out. Since they had time and there was a mall downstairs, she had earlier decided to buy a new bottle.

"Just so you know, your skin looks good, but women should start fighting against wrinkles at our age. I recommend the G brand's anti-wrinkle cream or the ZR Caviar," Gillian said, purposefully mentioning the extremely expensive brands, which few women could afford.

Evelyn declined courteously, "Thank you, but I don't use those."

Gillian smirked inside. She figured that those must be too expensive for E

s nothing compared to the likes of Evelyn Huo.

Their standards and quality of living were very different. It was only natural that they didn't have much in common.

Evelyn calmed down a little. "If that's the kind of girls you hung out with back in college, I seriously doubt your judgment."

Sheffield led her out of the elevator with a laugh. "But I didn't date her for long, and then I met you. Don't you think my taste has improved tremendously?"

His flattery successfully dissipated her anger. "Yes, it has," she replied with a smirk.

They went to the store and bought her a facial cream and an eye cream. Sheffield paid the bill. Evelyn had refused at first since the bill was over two hundred grand, and he needed all his money for the research. But Sheffield had insisted.

He held the bag of skin-care products in one hand and held her hand with the other as they walked back to the cinema.

As soon as they left the counter, Gillian went into the shop. Looking at the products around her, she asked casually, "Which one of these did that couple buy?"

"Oh, the lady bought the facial cream and eye cream from the Legend series. The facial cream contains ingredients such as ginseng, pilose antler, snow lotus, China cordyceps, and so on. It is the best-seller and also the most expensive one in our store. Would you like to try it too?" The saleswoman noticed that the new customer was wearing designer clothes as well. So, she warmly took out the sample product to recommend it to her.

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