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   Chapter 966 Evelyn Tang

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Terilynn touched one of her cheeks.

She swept her eyes at the phone. Her heart thudded against her chest when she was typing a reply to Joshua. "Then I'll keep this in mind."

Terilynn had to wait ten minutes for the notification. When a message popped up, her eyes lit up seeing Joshua had sent her a voice message. "Terilynn, do you have time now? I just finished dinner with my friends and saw someone setting off fireworks. It's very lively here. Would you like to join us?"

'Fireworks?' She repeated the word in her heart.

They could only be set off in a designated area in recent years, so Terilynn rarely saw fireworks. When Joshua suggested enjoying them together, her heart was moved. But... "I don't know if my father will agree to let me out."

In an instant, another voice message appeared. "Ask your mom for this!"

Her eyes lit up, and she laughed at herself. Why didn't she think of that? Her mother would agree! She jumped out of bed in a hurry, and she was nearly at the door when a thought flashed in her mind, making her frown. How should she go there? She didn't have her driving license with her.

With a gloomy face, Terilynn sat back on her bed and started typing. "Well, forget it. I left my driving license at college."

"Don't worry about that. Since I didn't drink, I can pick you up. Wait for me at the gate of your manor." A voice message came that raised her hopes again, and a wide grin spread across her face.

Her eyes were brightened again. "Great!" Terilynn stood up and sat before her dressing table, carefully observing her face. She took out her cosmetics and put on light make-up. With her flexible fingers, she used a thin layer of an orange lip gloss.

She walked over to the closet and picked a brand-new pink overcoat. Her eyes swept on a white scarf and wrapped it around her neck after a moment of hesitation.

Terilynn hung a small purse around her shoulders and hurried downstairs with her mobile phone in hand.

At first, she thought she could easily deal with it, but when her eyes slipped on the elders sitting in the living room, her movements slowed. No matter what, she didn't want Carlos to notice her. She lowered her head and headed toward the door. But how could Carlos not notice the small movements of his daughter? He narrowed his eyes at the girl dressed in a new coat and frowned. "Where do you think you are going? It's already late."

Terilynn pressed her lips in a thin line. Now she was done, and her father wouldn't give her a chance. She cast a glance full of expectations toward Miranda and Debbie. "Grandma, Mom, my friend invited me. Do

iend's hand. She smiled at Evelyn and turned toward Sheffield. "Are you here to watch a movie?" A momentary glance of Gillian was swept at Evelyn. "Sheffield, who is this?"

Sheffield tightened his grip on Evelyn's hand and pulled her into his arms. "This is my wife, Mrs. Tang." He turned to look at Evelyn and his eyes softened. "Honey, this is my old classmate, Gillian Chi."

Evelyn had a strong aura around her that made her look unapproachable and dignified. Her light tan overcoat and a pair of black high boots made her look even more elegant.

She nodded with a smile on her face. "Nice to meet you, Miss Chi."

Gillian narrowed her eyes at Evelyn. As a person who was always pursuing brand products, Gillian could tell at a glance that the price of Evelyn's outfit was enough for her to buy several sets of her own.

She wondered if Sheffield had bought these clothes for Evelyn.

Her gaze was fixed on Evelyn. The longer Gillian noticed how beautiful Evelyn looked with her figure and skin tone, the more Gillian became jealous.

She had a habit of looking down upon people. Gillian would think everyone in front of her was inferior to her. In that case, few people had the capability to make her jealous to this extent.

Initially, she was confident that she could beat Sheffield's girlfriend before meeting Evelyn face-to-face. But now, the situation was worse than what she had imagined. For the first time in a longer while, Gillian felt inferior.

"Nice to meet you too." Gillian forced a smile and turned toward Sheffield. "Why don't you tell us your girlfriend's name? Maybe we can be friends since we live in the same city."

Sheffield smiled as well. "No problem. Let me start over. This is my wife, Evelyn Tang."

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