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   Chapter 963 You Are My Buddy Now

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Evelyn was a teenager in the photo. And Matthew was short; he was not even ten years old.

Matthew turned on his laptop and raised his head, casting Sheffield an indifferent glance. "You seem to be very interested in my family, don't you?"

"Of course I do!" Sheffield walked to the desk and gazed at Matthew without blinking. "After all, we will be family in the future."

Matthew's face turned dark after he heard those words, and he snorted. "Don't you think too highly of yourself? Don't forget that my sister will be engaged to Calvert after the New Year." He didn't know where Sheffield's confidence came from.

Sheffield didn't seem to get angry at his words. "So what? Even if she marries him, it won't be her will. She won't be happy with this marriage. They will divorce each other sooner or later." 'She will divorce him and then come back to me. Evelyn is always mine.' Even though the thought about Evelyn marrying someone else was hurtful to him, at least he would be able to get her back in the end.

In Sheffield's eyes, no matter how many times Evelyn got engaged or got married to others, as long as he wasn't the one she would be with, it wouldn't last long.

Matthew cast a disdainful glance at the man. "Are you so sure that my sister loves you?"

"Of course!" Sheffield sat at the desk. "We are truly in love with each other. By the way, if you have time, please give your father some pillow talk, will you? Calvert is really a bad guy. He is not good enough for your sister. Even if your father doesn't like me, he should find a good man for Eve."

'Pillow talk? Does he think I'm a woman?' A flush of anger flashed on Matthew's face at the thought. With a grim face, he pushed the laptop towards Sheffield. "It's the defense system of ZL Group. If you can crack it today, you can still celebrate the New Year with my family next year. If you fail..." He didn't finish the sentence because he knew Sheffield was smart enough to understand.

How could Sheffield not fulfill Matthew's expectations? He was well aware of the latter's feelings, but he had to hide his identity as Star Anise. He feigned fear and sat back, pointing at the laptop screen. "It's the defense system of ZL Group! Everyone knows that it was designed by Star Anise. Do you think I'm his match?"

Matthew had an indifferent expression when he gazed at Sheffield. "You know about Star Anise?"

"Of course I do." Sheffield purposefully made his voice sound like he was excited to talk about Star Anise. "After all, he is a celebrity in the world of hackers and honkers!" Sheffield turned his head to Matthew's laptop and started working.

ing his arm. He sighed, but he did not move his arm. "Actually, I'm also a neat freak like you. So you can rest assured that I'm clean. If you don't believe me, you can ask Eve or smell me. By the way, I had sprayed Eve's perfume over me today. I also have men's perfume. But you know, your sister and I didn't go home last night, so I didn't bring it with me."

Sheffield and Evelyn bought two bottles of perfume for couples. When she was using her perfume in the car earlier today, he approached her and kissed her on the cheek.

That was how her perfume was sprayed on his body.

His indifference made Matthew's face completely darken. "Sheffield Tang!"

Sheffield's amusement reached the seventh cloud at Matthew's reaction. "Are you angry?" He slowly withdrew his arm from his shoulder. "All right. All right. I'll get the dust off you." He patted Matthew's shoulder and brushed off the imaginary dust.

Matthew was so pissed off that he really wanted to throw one punch after another at Sheffield. No one had been able to stand so close to him, what to speak of putting a hand on his shoulder. Even his two best friends wouldn't dare to do this to him. Sheffield was the only one who had done this.

When they went downstairs, Matthew was still in a bad mood. To the onlookers, it looked like he had just eaten something bitter that made his face red in anger. But when they turned toward Sheffield, they were surprised to find him chuckling. If both men weren't straight, the onlookers would have guessed that Sheffield took advantage of Matthew.

Carlos wasn't any different. He looked at the twisted expression on Matthew's face. "What's wrong with you? He didn't take advantage of you, did he?"

The ladies around them burst out laughing.

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