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   Chapter 961 Wishes

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"Oh, I can't make any promises! It depends." Evelyn's smile was as beautiful as a blooming white orchid, instantly warming Sheffield's heart.

They continued to walk deeper into the forest and just when Evelyn thought that there was nothing more ahead, a high arched door appeared in front of them. The words "Temple of Dharma" were engraved on it with large letters.

According to Buddhist beliefs, Sangharama Bodhisattva and Skanda Bodhisattva were regarded as the two protectors of Buddhism temples. Sangharama Bodhisattva was the right guardian and Skanda Bodhisattva was the left guardian.

Evelyn glanced at Sheffield and snickered. "Are you really going to become a monk?"

"Yes, I am disillusioned with love," he said, pretending to be serious. In fact, Sheffield wasn't even aware that there was a temple so deep inside the woods.

Evelyn giggled, deeply amused. "You? A monk? You can't even control your lustful desires."

Sheffield put his hands together and pretended to look devout. "Oh female benefactor, the truth is, I had been disillusioned with love, up until the moment I met you. You are the only reason I can't insulate myself from the world of love! Amitabha. Form does not differ from emptiness; emptiness does not differ from form. Form itself is emptiness; emptiness itself is form."

'Has he finally lost his mind?' Evelyn wondered. "Seriously? Have you been practicing in secret so that you can speed up the process of becoming a monk?"

"Yes, if you dump me and marry another man one day, I will become a monk. But if you come to regret marrying someone else, you can come here to find me! For you, I will be willing to return to the secular life."

Evelyn couldn't take anything of what he had just said with any seriousness. She simply laughed and said, "Mr. Tang, you quoted the Heart Sutra of Buddhism, but do you even understand what it means?"

"Of course, I do." Sheffield wasn't happy about being belittled.

Evelyn couldn't stop laughing, but when she remembered that they were in a sacred place, she straightened her back and looked at Sheffield in a serious manner. "Tell me, what do those words mean?"

Sheffield put his hands down and said, "Listen to me carefully! 'Form' means substance and phenomena, like the things we see,

s Valentine's Day every day when you are with your beloved," Debbie retorted.

Carlos was fuming with anger, but he didn't dare to talk back to Debbie.

"We are back!" Speaking of the devil, Sheffield's voice came from the door.

Carlos was rendered speechless. 'Son of a gun! I was hoping he'd come back much later so I could tell him off longer!'

Sheffield and Evelyn started their long day with a lunch at the House of Sound. They didn't return to the city center until 3 p.m., and then they went to the mall to pick out New Year's gifts for the Huo family.

When they appeared in the living room of the house, Sheffield was carrying a lot of bags in his hand. He had prepared a gift for everyone in the family.

However, Evelyn's hands weren't carrying any bags. Instead, her hand was holding Sheffield's arm, but as soon as they came inside the house, she let go of his hand.

Debbie approached Sheffield and asked, "Why did you buy so many things?"

Handing over the gift bags to the housemaid, Sheffield replied to Debbie with a smile, "Aunt Debbie, I haven't had much chance to visit you, but it's Lunar New Year's Eve today, so Evelyn and I picked out some gifts for you, as a token of my respect."

"Sheffield, I'm just happy that you are here with us. You didn't have to get us anything. From now on, just think of this place as your own." Debbie's words sent Sheffield into a fit of wild excitement, while Carlos snorted angrily.

"Okay! Thank you, Aunt Debbie!" Sheffield replied instantly.

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