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   Chapter 960 Pay Respect

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Evelyn rolled her eyes at Sheffield, completely disregarding what he had just said.

After breakfast, she was surprised to find that Sheffield had asked someone to send over two outfits for them. Only after they had put on their white down jackets did she realize that they were actually wearing matching outfits.

They looked almost identical, except for the difference in size.

Evelyn looked at his white sneakers and then at her own. They were wearing matching shoes too.

Sheffield tied his shoelaces and then took out a pair of pink earmuffs; a pink scarf; a pink face mask and a pair of pink gloves from a paper bag, and wrapped Evelyn from head to toe.

In the end, only Evelyn's eyes remained uncovered, while Sheffield didn't even have a scarf or a hat on.

She checked the bags out of curiosity and found that it was empty. There was nothing inside the bag for him.

She unwrapped the scarf from around her neck and said, "Here, take this!"

Sheffield stopped her and insisted, "Please, don't worry about me. I hardly wear a down jacket. This is enough for me. I'm not cold at all." In fact, with the down jacket on, he felt hot.

Even without it, the cold was never a problem to him. He was used to it. However, he wanted to keep Evelyn warm.

When Sheffield's firmness convinced her, Evelyn put the scarf around her neck and let him lead her out of Phoenix Resort.

After walking out of the resort, they turned a corner and walked to the path on the right where they had to take a few steps up a slight slope. No wonder he had prepared a pair of sneakers for each of them.

Evelyn glanced at the man to her side and asked, "Have you been here before?"

"Yes, I came here once with my friends. We camped here for a couple of days. But I discovered this spot first when I was passing by on one of my morning jogs here."


After walking for about ten minutes, Evelyn came across a large area of maple trees. There were at least over a hundred of them—just as Sheffield had said.

Even the cold winds of winter couldn't make the trees shed all of their leaves. Although, there weren't as many leaves as there would be during late autumn; there were just enough for now. Clouds of red looked like the blushes of shy maids.

A gust of wind blew

ect for the emperor. Mr. Tang, would you like to show me the courtesy?" Evelyn carried such an extinguished presence that if she had worn a Royal gown, she would have looked like an empress or a dignified princess from ancient times.

'Prostrate three times and kowtow nine times?' Sheffield thought about it and said, "Let's say I'm a general in shining armor, who only needs to be on one knee according to the ceremony." He knelt down on his left knee, left hand on top of his leg and his right hand hanging down. "Little Tang at your service, my princess!"

Trying not to burst into laughter, Evelyn said, "You called yourself a general just a moment ago, but now you've turned into a eunuch. You're probably the first person in history to be demoted so quickly!"

Eventually when Evelyn calmed down, she found herself becoming childish as she had been with Sheffield for a long time. In fact, she was even participating in role play with him. It felt a bit silly.

'A eunuch?' The smile on his face froze. He got to his feet and walked up to her. "Evelyn, look at me. I don't look like a eunuch at all."

She winked at him naughtily, as she walked forward and said, "Really? Then why did you call yourself Little Tang?"

Evelyn had a good point. Indeed, he was the one who had referred to himself with that name. "Okay, but please, promise me that you won't tell anyone else about this!" He grasped her hand, pulling her into his arms and whispered into her ear, "Because I only want to be your Little Tang."

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