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   Chapter 958 A Day To Remember

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When Sheffield finished singing, Evelyn couldn't wait to ask, "How are you able to sing that so nicely?"

"Practice! I wanted to get it just right—for you." In order to make Debbie and Evelyn happy, he had spent many hours learning all of Debbie's songs by heart.

"Do you know all my mom's songs?" She looked at him expectantly.

Sheffield crossed his legs and played with her hand in the water. "Yeah. What do you want to hear?"

"My mom sang a song for my godmother Kasie. Do you know that one?"

"Piece of cake!" The man cleared his throat and began to sing, "That winter, the snow fell relentlessly. The night was blanketed in white. You saw me crying like a baby coming back from a hike..."

No matter which song Evelyn requested, Sheffield was able to sing it.

No wonder Debbie was so supportive of Evelyn being Sheffield's girlfriend. He cared about her. Because of his love for her, he had even learned all Debbie's songs—more than 100 altogether spread across several albums, EPs, and promotional singles. Evelyn was impressed. "How can you remember all the lyrics?"

Sheffield replied in a casual tone, "I had to memorize my grandfather's notes on traditional Chinese medicine. If I can do that, then a 3-minute song is nothing. It's also easier when you care about what you're doing."

The admiration in Evelyn's heart was obvious. She realized Sheffield and Matthew had the same ability: eidetic memory. They could remember what they read like it was a photograph in their minds they could refer to.

An hour later, Evelyn and Sheffield returned to their room.

Sheffield ordered room service. Nothing too fancy, just light dishes. Six different courses, four of them vegetables.

When they were almost done with dinner, his phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and said to Evelyn, "It's Joshua. I have to take this."

Evelyn nodded.

"Hey, Joshua!" He stood up from his seat, took out a cigarette and wiggled it. It was his way of telling her he was going out for a smoke.

Evelyn nodded again.

After walking out of the room, he lit the cigarette. "Go ahead, I'm listening!"

"How's it going? Why didn't you

te like ghosts. Besides, we are not going off the property. Who would we scare?"

She was relieved to hear that and followed him out.

After they walked on the bridge, Sheffield covered her eyes and said in a mock-urgent voice, "Don't look!"

"What? Why?"

"You'll find out. Just wait!"

Evelyn didn't protest. A few seconds later, a loud bang sounded from above. Sheffield finally moved his hands away from her eyes.

Evelyn opened her eyes and saw a trail of sparks rushing into the sky ahead of her. Golden and red fireworks bloomed in the air, falling like tassels. Half the sky was lit up.

At this moment, her eyes, her heart and her whole world were full of beautiful fireworks.

However, to Sheffield's eyes, heart and world, there was nothing but the lovely Evelyn.

"Sheffield, look! Fireworks!" She grabbed his hand and pointed to the sky with joy.

But when she saw the affectionate look in his eyes, she suddenly realized that he had done this. She asked in surprise, "This was all you?"

Well, if he didn't arrange it, how could they have seen it the moment they walked out of the room?

Sheffield kissed her hand. "Like it?"

Evelyn nodded and answered seriously, "Those are the most beautiful fireworks I've ever seen!" She would remember this day forever. No matter what happened in the future, she would never forget the happiness that Sheffield had brought to her today. It was like a dream.

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