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   Chapter 956 Phoenix Resort

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 10036

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Carlos knew his daughter well.

Evelyn wouldn't be this nervous if it weren't for Sheffield. She must be on her way to meet him.

Evelyn heaved a sigh of relief. "Thank you, Dad!" She thought she had fooled her father.

Evelyn got in her car and told Tayson, "It's getting dark. Don't drive too fast. Safety is the most important."

"Yes, Miss Huo."

Carlos walked around Evelyn's office, sniffing the air at the same time. He had sensed a familiar smell in the air. Even though he wasn't sure yet, his mind had already guessed that it was Sheffield.

He thought for a moment before using his phone to call Dixon. "Send me the surveillance footage of the 32nd floor." Carlos' face turned dark when he thought of Sheffield sneaking in the office again. He wanted to see just how skilled this man had been to attempt these stunts without a single shred of worry on his face.

"Yes, Mr. Huo." The call ended at that.

By the time Carlos got back to his office, the surveillance video had already been sent to his email.

He stared at the file for a moment and played the video. Carlos waited for a few minutes, fast-forwarding the footage where the staff moved about on the floor. It was then he spotted a suspicious person. Carlos watched the man with squinted eyes and recognition filled his mind. Even though the man was wearing a cap and sunglasses, Carlos identified him. The man was none other than Sheffield.

"Humph!" He had guessed it right. It was indeed that guy who had fooled Evelyn into going on a date when she should have stayed with her family preparing for the Spring Festival.

Carlos cast a curious glance at the man on the screen. Just how did Sheffield manage to get inside the building? Last time, Evelyn had told him she had invited Sheffield. Carlos wouldn't believe those words of his daughter in this lifetime!

He picked up his phone again to call Dixon for surveillance footage of the entrance to the building. Carlos watched five to six videos, but there was no sign of Sheffield.

A few more videos later, Carlos realized that Sheffield hadn't entered through the company's main entrance. He was the number one "target" of the security guards of ZL Group. The guards couldn't have let him in.

All the security guards were on the alert every day, especially the security guards at the entrance of the parking lot. Even though the system could tell the plate number, the security guards still would stop each car. They would look at the driver to make sure that the person wasn't Sheffield.

Half an hour later, Carlos finally found some clues. It turned out that Sheffield had entered the building in the car of one of ZL Group's clients.

Carlos looked at the client carefully. If he remembered correctly, the person was a general manager of Theo Group. The security guards were not allowed to inspect the client because of his identity. That was how Sheffield slipped inside the building.

"The general manager of the Theo Group and Sheffield..."

she didn't receive any reply from him, Evelyn didn't mind. She put away her phone and went down the bridge.

She found a cobblestone path at the end of the bridge. Both sides of it were covered with red and white camellias. The snow was heavy, and yet, it couldn't hide the sweet fragrance of the flowers.

Evelyn raised her head to see a row of houses across the garden.

Joline pushed open the door to the house in the middle and gestured Evelyn to enter. She gave Evelyn a welcome salute in the ancient style. "Miss Huo, it's cold outside. Hot tea has been prepared in the room. Please come in!"

Evelyn's mouth curved up to form a pleased smile. "Thank you."

Just as Evelyn stepped inside the room, a rush of heat embraced her body, sending her relief from cold. It seemed that the ancient environment had a modern touch of a heating machine.

As soon as she entered, Joline closed the door, giving the entire room to Evelyn. Tayson waited outside the door for Sheffield's arrival.

Evelyn turned her gaze at the bedroom, only to be more surprised at what she saw. It was quite similar to an ancient bridal chamber!

The wedding words pasted on the windows and walls shined in the light of red candles. She could see a red-colored Six-Piece Bedding set on the king-sized bed that was two or three meters wide. It was like the wedding room in a costume TV series.

Evelyn sat at a round tea table in the bedroom, and her eyesight landed on a kettle. Steam floated out of it in the air. She opened it only to find freshly made tea inside.

She poured herself a cup of hot tea and took out her cell phone to call Sheffield.

Her lips had just touched the cup when she heard the sound of the door opening, and her heartbeat quickened.

Before she could stand, a figure appeared in front of her. Evelyn raised her eyes only to be trapped by the scene in front of her. Her pupils dilated when she saw him. She continued to gape at him in both surprise and shock without blinking.

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