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   Chapter 954 Brother-in-Law

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"Then, we'll vote for it." Debbie's sharp gaze pinned Carlos down, who couldn't even utter a word anymore.

Terilynn didn't want to let go of the opportunity, and she licked her lips. "Dad!" When Carlos turned toward her, she lowered her head and glanced sideways. "He'll spend the Spring Festival with us sooner or later..." She paused the words she spoke in a low voice for a moment only to raise her head at Carlos with determination in her eyes. "How about we ask Brother-in-law to come and practice it in advance?"

A smile appeared on Debbie's face, and she thanked her younger daughter in her heart.

"What Brother-in-law?" The words only ignited the fire within Carlos' heart as he sent a fierce glare at Terilynn. "No way! Don't call him that!" Carlos knew his persistence would be futile, but he couldn't just give up that easily.

The color on Debbie's face changed from pink to red in an instant. "Sheffield will be her brother-in-law sooner or later." She threw another sharp glare at Carlos. "There's nothing wrong for Terilynn to call him that in advance."

Evelyn was silently chewing her food, acting as if she was all alone. She knew everyone in her family very well. Even if Evelyn said nothing, she knew what the outcome would be. She believed that the heated debate among her family members would soon come to an end.

"Debbie," —Miranda, who had been sitting silently, raised her head and gazed at her daughter-in-law with a sincere smile on the face—"if you make Sheffield your godson, remember to bring him to me. I want him to call me Grandma."

"Okay, Mom." Debbie chuckled under her breath.

Both mother-in-law and daughter-in-law ganged up on Carlos.

They were the two most powerful women in the Huo family. If they were to come to a decision together, Carlos would be like a lost puppy, not knowing what to do. The situation in front of his eyes was the same, and he couldn't find any possible comeback to refute his argument.

Evelyn was right. Without even uttering a word, the discussion was settled in her favor.

She saw Carlos going back to his study when she was on her way upstairs after dinner. Evelyn shrugged, thinking it might be another video conference as usual. But then she thought of something and stopped right before the door to Debbie's bedroom. She knocked twice.

Debbie opened the door, and the corner of her mouth lifted. "Come in, Evelyn."

Evelyn walked into her parents' bedroom. After closing the door behind her, she gave her mother a tight hug. "Mom, thank you," she whispered and placed her head on Debbie's shoulders.

Debbie's heart melted when she saw her daughter's response. As a mother, she could only pat her head affectionately. Ever since Debbie found out about Evelyn and Sheffield's relationship, she wanted to do her best to bring them closer. She even had tried to find many opportunities for them in front of Carlos.

"You are welcome. It's not easy to meet a person you like. Of course, I will support you unconditionally."

Evelyn backed off and sat on the bed, urging her mother to sit beside her. She cast a sincere gaze at Debbie after a moment of silence. "Mom, I don't want to be engaged to Calvert."

If Calvert weren't in the picture, a huge burden would be off of her shoulders. She could go out with Sheffield without any concern.

"Your dad is indeed getting old." Debbi

ecause of the intensity of emotions. "Thank you, Auntie!" Somehow, he was able to squeeze out a small thanks.

"You're welcome." Debbie paused for a moment before continuing as if she remembered something important. "Remember to eat regularly even if you're busy. Health is the most important thing."

"Yes, I will."

"Okay, please go ahead with your work. Bye."


Sheffield stared at the phone for a long time, and a warmth embraced his heart. His mood lifted instantly after the phone call. Even the two simple dishes and one bowl of soup in front of him seemed to be delicious to him. He used his chopsticks to gulp the food one after another, savoring the taste in his tongue.

In the blink of an eye, time passed and only two days were remaining for the arrival of the Spring Festival. At that time, Sheffield had already decided to sneak into Evelyn's office as usual.

Evelyn was staring blankly at a piece of paper. Sheffield had written some words on it. Every curve of it looked professional and sweet at the same time. A gush of warmth flooded her heart at the thought of him.

Earlier, she had first seen that piece of paper when she failed to contact Sheffield for the entire night.

She had kept it in the drawer ever since as if it was her eternal treasure, occasionally staring blankly at it while working.

Evelyn had a missed call from her office. She just assumed that it had been one of her assistants calling her using the phone in her office, but now she realized that it was Sheffield.

The pin-drop silence in her office ended when she heard the creak of the door. She panicked, knowing exactly who entered her office at this time. By the time she raised her head, Sheffield was already inside the room.

He would always show up like this out of the blue. Evelyn hastily grabbed a file and put it on the piece of paper she was looking at a while ago. In her panic, she failed to cover the whole paper, and more than half of the written words were exposed to Sheffield, which she hadn't noticed yet.

The corners of his lips curved up, as he knew exactly what she was doing, but he pretended to be ignorant. He took out something from his pocket and placed it in front of her. "Do you know what it is?"

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