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   Chapter 950 Carlos' Suspicion

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When Evelyn saw the pic Calvert sent her, she quickly turned her screen off. She didn't want Carlos to catch a glimpse of it.

Too late! Carlos had seen it anyway.

Evelyn was a little embarrassed about it. She shifted in her seat and went quiet.

She wouldn't talk about it unless Carlos brought it up.

Carlos' face darkened. 'No wonder we haven't seen much of Sheffield. He's two-timing my daughter! I think another lesson is in order.'

Just then, Evelyn's phone buzzed as another message came in. This time, she was smart enough to keep her phone away from Carlos, balancing it on her leg under the table. She'd wait till she had a chance to check her messages away from prying eyes. When Carlos wasn't looking, she checked the top bar for notifications. 'His ex-girlfriend, ' the message read.

She took another look at the picture. The woman held Sheffield's hand, looking up at him. It seemed that the two were talking about something.

The message was from Calvert.

She tried not to show any emotion as she turned the screen off again. She knew Calvert was trying to stir up shit between her and Sheffield. But that didn't make it hurt any less.

Sheffield had been busy for awhile now. He didn't even have time to see her, but he did have time to see his ex-girlfriend.

Evelyn was in a trance as the meeting continued. She had no clue what the others were saying. Her thoughts were a million miles away.

But none of this escaped Carlos. He knew his daughter better than anyone, knew something was bugging her. He ended the meeting early, a frown on his face.

When everyone left, only Carlos and Evelyn remained. "I'm surprised at you, Evelyn. Losing your cool over a random pic?" he asked.

Evelyn was confused. 'What does Dad mean?'

"I'm not trying to mend anything between you and Sheffield. But has he torn down those walls already? You were always the ice princess. And now a picture gets you upset." It wasn't just here. She was distracted at work, too. That angered him.

Embarrassed, Evelyn nodded, "I'm sorry, Dad."

Carlos stood up from his seat and said, "I can't tell you who to love. Think about this, though: this is the guy you gave your heart to. While you were working, he was with another gal. You might want to chew on that. Do you still love him? Do you still trust him? Those are questions you need to answer for yourself."

Then he left, and Evelyn was alone with her thoughts.

After a long while, she sneered. It was just a photo. When Sheffield was around Dollie, she was all over him, not the other way around. A photo didn't matter at all! Was it

nise was, the hacker would be able to wrest ZL Group away from him one day.

He called Dixon on internal line and instructed, "Go and check on Sheffield's R&D project. See if there's been any new funds, and how much he invested."

"Yes, Mr. Huo."

Two days later, Dixon told Carlos dejectedly, "Mr. Huo, I couldn't find a thing."

"What do you mean?" Carlos put down his pen heavily and glared at the man.

"As far as we know, Sheffield himself keeps the books, while the rest of his team are only responsible for the research and development. They don't know how much money has been spent or on what. He's hid himself too well, and the people working with him are very tight-lipped. It is almost impossible to find out anything..."

Carlos' face went livid. "Then just keep an eye on Sheffield and his research and development center, and where they go for materials. If we know who their suppliers are, at least that's something." He didn't believe that there was no way to find out anything about Sheffield. He had a reputation to protect.

"Yes, Mr. Huo." Dixon shook his head resignedly and left the office.

Actually, many people wanted to know more about Sheffield. And there were also just as many people who wanted to have a hold over him and ruin him.

Sheffield also figured a high-level person had been investigating him recently, so he immediately hid the important things and burned the insignificant ones, so there wouldn't be anything for anyone to find.

In the dead of night, at ZL Group

Evelyn rubbed her temples and checked the time. It was already past 11 p.m.

She yawned as she put the documents back in the folder, and placed them on her desk. She was definitely ready for the end of the workday.

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