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   Chapter 940 Waiting For You

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Evelyn straightened her clothes and warned Calvert in a cold voice, "Don't make me hate you more!"

Then she turned, opened the door and left the room.

Evelyn walked out of the Alioth Building in high heels. As soon as she hit the parking lot and was about to call Sheffield, she got a call from Nadia. "Miss Huo, bad news! Mr. Zhang had a heart attack. We're waiting for an ambulance now. The launch is a mess."

A heart attack? Resting her forehead in her hand, Evelyn said resignedly, "Get someone else. He must have alternates. We could also change the launch date. Can you handle it?"

"I don't think that'll fly. The product designer's here, but only you and Mr. Zhang know everything about it. There are CEOs tuned in to watch this online. They saved the date for that reason. If we cancel it..."

After three seconds of silence, Evelyn said decisively, "I'll be right there!"

To Evelyn, the launch of the new product was more important than jaunting off to France.

After she ended the call, she took a look at the airline ticket again. Takeoff was in 1.5 hours.

If you want to catch an international flight, you need to be there at least two hours early. Maybe even three. The plane was going to take off, and she wasn't at the airport yet. All she could think about was Sheffield.

She closed her eyes and leaned back in the seat of her car, pondering how to solve this problem.

It would take at least 20 minutes to drive from here to the venue holding the launch event, and making sure it would all go smoothly could take hours. The event itself was supposed to last three hours, with an open bar. If she could take ten minutes to make sure everything was in place to her satisfaction, she could leave it in the capable hands of her assistants afterwards. If she kept it down to 10 minutes and rushed to the airport after that, she should be able to barely catch the flight before it took off. She opened her eyes and told Tayson, "Take me to the venue where the launch event is taking place. And step on it!"

"Yes, Miss Huo!" Tayson answered and started the car in a hurry.

Tormented by those thoughts, she took out her phone and sent a message to Sheffield. "Where are you?"

At that moment, Sheffield had arrived at the airport and was going through the security check. His phone had been put in the t

nto some last-minute business as a CEO. You could fly to Paris first and wait for her there."

On the other end of the line, there was a moment of silence. Then Sheffield said all of a sudden, "Did you know Evelyn was pregnant?"

"What?! She had your kid? Where is the baby?"

"It was an ectopic pregnancy. One of her fallopian tubes was torn open, and they took her to the hospital."

Joshua didn't know much about fallopian tubes, but he knew what an ectopic pregnancy was. "The baby died. Evelyn almost did..."


Another silence followed.

Joshua lit a cigarette and leaned against the window. "I'm sorry to hear that. How did you find out? And are you sure it's true? Why didn't I hear about it before? I chat with Terilynn every day. How come she never mentioned it?"

"Matthew told me yesterday. I just want to tell you, don't use cheap condoms. They break easy, and they can break a relationship too." For example, he had accidentally hurt Evelyn.

Although Sheffield sounded more relaxed, Joshua could still feel his sadness.

Sheffield stood at the window, watching the plane taxi down the runway.

The plane had taken off, and yet the person he had been waiting for still hadn't arrived.

For a moment, he thought as long as Evelyn came to the airport, he would take her to Paris today even if there were only charter planes available. But transatlantic flights were pretty common. They could take another flight.

An hour later, Sheffield left the boarding gate with his phone. He was still on the phone with Joshua.

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