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   Chapter 931 Out Of Your League

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"Well, good. If you need any help, just let me know. I'm on your side." Miranda liked youngsters who were hardworking and had a positive outlook.

"Oh Grandma, you are so kind. Thank you so much!" Sheffield was deeply touched by her words.

His own grandma had passed away so early that he had never had the pleasure of being pampered by her.

While they chatted, Evelyn left to keep Savannah company.

The Huo family members had a silent understanding. They didn't want to talk about anything unpleasant on Evelyn's birthday. So even after Evelyn had left, instead of asking about her pregnancy, Miranda continued to talk to Sheffield about his work and research.

As the birthday party was about to end, Sheffield found Evelyn chatting with Savannah. "Evelyn," he called.

She turned to him. "Yes?"

"Miss Xiang, may I borrow Evelyn for a minute?" he asked Savannah with an apologetic smile.

She nodded. "Sure." Turning to Evelyn with a smile, she said, "Go ahead. I'll go and find Grandma."


"Can you show me around your room?" Sheffield asked Evelyn with a mysterious grin.

"Is this what you wanted to talk about so urgently?" Evelyn sighed helplessly.

"I'm just curious. I want to know more about you," he explained.

Evelyn searched for Carlos and Calvert. They were chatting in the living room. "Okay," she agreed and walked to the stairs, Sheffield following her close behind.

Calvert saw them from the corner of his eye and felt his heart burn.

He had been with Evelyn for a long time, but he had never been to the second floor of the Huo family manor. And yet, she was taking Sheffield to her bedroom.

The second floor was simple, yet luxuriously decorated. Evelyn pushed open the door to the innermost room and let Sheffield in.

He walked into the big room casually and looked around curiously. Evelyn stood near the door, hesitating and wondering whether or not to close the door. Before she could decide, Sheffield stepped towards her and closed the door.

And without a word, he pulled her into his arms. Evelyn doubted his intentions from the beginning, but now she knew what was on his mind, and it was clearly not

ince Ji, you are still here. I thought you would have left already. Never mind. Take a good look at her closet so that you can finally realize how out of your league she is."

After seeing Evelyn's huge closet, Sheffield had decided that even if he succeeded with his research, he would continue working hard to give her an even better life than what she had now.

Calvert ignored him.

With no trace of embarrassment on his face, Sheffield winked at Evelyn openly.

'Exactly how thick is his skin?' she wondered, rolling her eyes.

When Calvert reached the door to the collection room, he glared at Sheffield. The man was blocking the door, and seemed to have no intention of giving way. "Move aside," he ordered.

Sheffield propped one elbow against the wall to support his tilted head with his fist. "No. Everything inside this room is extremely precious. What if something goes missing after you roam around inside?"

Evelyn was speechless, and Calvert was humiliated and enraged. 'Who the hell does he think I am? A thief? I am the son of a diamond merchant. Why would I steal from others? This is ridiculous!' "Mr. Tang, haven't your parents taught you to respect others?"

Sheffield arched an eyebrow. "Of course, they have. They have taught me to respect decent human beings."

Calvert's hands clenched into fists. He wanted to beat the hell out of the impudent man, even though he knew that he couldn't win against Sheffield.

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