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   Chapter 929 It's Sheffield

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7674

Updated: 2020-02-14 00:02

"Oh, thank you, Grandma Miranda! You are so sweet!" Sheffield said, with a gentle and graceful nod.

The energy in the room was vibrant and festive. Debbie noticed the roses in Sheffield's arms and turned to look at Terilynn, chuckling. "Sheffield, you've met Terilynn, right? Why don't you just sit next to her?"

Debbie had deliberately left an empty seat next to Terilynn earlier on.

Sheffield, however, without saying anything, walked past Terilynn and went over to the main attraction of the party tonight—Evelyn.

When he stopped in front of Evelyn, Debbie walked up to him and reminded him in a low voice, "Hey, Terilynn is over there. This is Evelyn." Debbie's desperate attempt to fix up Sheffield with Terilynn was blatantly apparent.

With a smile, Sheffield turned to Debbie and explained, "Aunt Debbie, but I came here just for Evelyn."

"What?" The stunned expression on Debbie's face froze. However, the others seemed unperturbed and were all as calm as they were.

Sheffield pulled Evelyn up and handed her the roses. "Evelyn, happy birthday! Sorry, I'm late!"

Evelyn looked at Debbie, who was standing there in utter disbelief, and then at Carlos, who sat with a darkened face. Faced with her parents' watchful eyes, Evelyn didn't know whether to take the large bouquet of roses or not. She bit her lower lip and softly said, "Thank you..."

Joshua, having been Sheffield's wingman, cleared his throat and meekly said, "Evelyn, those roses are for you. Why are you just standing there?"

Evelyn cast an embarrassed glance at Debbie from the corner of her eyes and reached out her hands to take the flowers from Sheffield.

As soon as Evelyn put the bouquet of flowers in her arms, Debbie came back to her senses. She looked at Carlos, who was still silent, and said, "Is he the one you were talking about? The one with Evelyn in D City?"

'Oh my God! Am I the last person to know about this?' she wondered.

Carlos remained unresponsive. With a darkened face, he switched his cold gaze from Sheffield to Evelyn.

Carlos didn't deny it, and his silence had answered Debbie's question.

She looked down, patting herself on the forehead and murmured in disbelief, "Oh my God, it's Sheffield!" Debbie had spent almost half a month visiting First General Hos

behind him and then sat down. Calvert was sitting in between him and Evelyn, while Savannah was to his left.

He greeted the girl politely, "Hello, I'm Sheffield. Nice to meet you."

Savannah's mind, however, was still mulling over the fact that this man was responsible for getting Evelyn pregnant. Shaking herself out of her thoughts, she smiled and said, "Hello!"

The dinner began with everyone clinking their glasses of wine.

Soon after, Debbie temporarily set her thoughts aside and treated Sheffield warmly. "Hey, Sheffield. This roast beef has been carved from the cow's shoulders and baked by a professional chef hired by your uncle Carlos. Have a taste." The meat from a cow's shoulders was generally suited for barbecuing or hotpots.

With her eyes, she gestured at the maid, who accordingly, sliced a generous portion of black pepper beef and put it on Sheffield's plate.

Sheffield was so happy he grinned like a little boy and said, "Thank you, Aunt Debbie. This looks delicious!"

He put a piece of beef in his mouth and nodded. "The taste of black pepper is mild. I'm guessing the cook must be an Italian, right?"

"Wow! How did you guess that? That's amazing!" Debbie gave him a thumbs up. It was clear that Sheffield had seen the world with his own eyes.

The bountiful spread of food on the table was a mouth-watering combination of Chinese and Western cuisine. Apart from the Chinese house chef, the Western dishes were prepared by an Italian chef hired especially for tonight's celebration.

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