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   Chapter 928 Savannah

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'What if I can't get in touch with Sheffield today?' Evelyn thought to herself, flustered. He had told her he would be available for her birthday.

At noon, the Huo family had a wonderful lunch with their family friends in a fancy hotel restaurant. The guests were primarily the families of Curtis, Dixon and Damon.

Carlos picked up Miranda and they arrived at the villa at six o'clock in the evening. Calvert came in shortly after with a bouquet of flowers cradled in the crook of his left arm and an expensive bottle of wine in the other. However, Sheffield's phone was still switched off.

About ten minutes later, Joshua rang the doorbell carrying his gift in a simple paper bag, tied with one big red ribbon. The moment Evelyn opened the door, the first thing she asked him was, "Have you seen him?"

Joshua knew who she was talking about without further elaboration needed. He shook his head and replied, "No."

"Can you get in touch with him?"

"I can try, but if Sheffield doesn't want to be found, no one can get in touch with him."

Joshua was speaking the truth. However, Evelyn's heart ached, and there was a pit in her stomach because she was so nervous. 'That's true. Once he disappears, even I can't get in touch with him, ' she thought bitterly.

At half past six, a servant came in to report, "Miss Huo, there's a lady waiting outside for you. She says she's an old friend of yours and she's here to celebrate your birthday."

'A lady? My friend? Could it be...?' Evelyn was taken by curiosity. "Where is she now?" she asked immediately.

"At the doorway."

'At the doorway?' Evelyn was more convinced of her assumption as she ran to the door and opened it.

The person standing outside was exactly the same person Evelyn had in mind.

The woman was dressed in a light green coat, a beryl hat and a white scarf. She was sitting in a wheelchair with a smile on her face. With a smile that could warm any heart, she reached out one hand to give Evelyn a neatly wrapped package and said, "Happy Birthday!"

The familiar voice drew out Evelyn's smile as she knelt down and hugged the girl sitting in the wheelchair. "Savannah..." she sighed heavily, seemingly relieved. Evelyn had missed her very much.

Savannah patted Evelyn on the back as her eyes shimmered brightly against the light. "It's been a while and I must say, I've missed you a lot!" she said.

A gust of cold wind blew over as Evelyn let go of her. She stood up, taking a deep breath, walked behind her and pushed her wheelchair forward. "Come on in. L

re was the reason why she didn't notice a change in the atmosphere. She looked very happy to introduce Sheffield to the others. She dragged him forward by his hand and said, "Sheffield, come here." She introduced the doctor to her family with great interest. "Mom, Carlos, this is Sheffield Tang. He's a doctor at the Y City First General Hospital. Don't let his looks fool you; he is actually very good at what he does."

Following Debbie's words, Sheffield greeted them more enthusiastically. "Hello, Grandma Miranda, Uncle Carlos, Evelyn, Terilynn, and Matthew. It's nice to finally meet you all. I'm Sheffield Tang. Thank you all for welcoming me to Evelyn's birthday party." Most of the people sitting at the table were Evelyn's family, so Sheffield tried his best to make a good impression on them.

Despite her silver hair, Miranda, who was in her eighties, decided to dress young and she did so successfully. By some miracle, she managed to pull off looking like someone in their fifties. Miranda couldn't be happier in this moment. Her children and grandchildren were all present and in good health. Her life was a series of family dinners and vacations—something she was grateful to have. The happy life she had made her heart soft, unlike when she was young. The years had made her a more kind and loving person.

She looked the young man up and down with a smile on her face, and finally nodded with satisfaction. "My, my, you don't get to see such a handsome young man nowadays!" She was completely taken by his bubbly personality. In fact, deep down, she was already entertaining the idea of welcoming him to the family.

This was a phenomenon that was seldom seen in the Huo family.

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