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   Chapter 927 She Was Happy

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It was the middle of the night. As soon as Sheffield had a break from surgery, he sent a message to Evelyn. "Happy birthday, honey! I just stepped out of the OR. My birthday wish for you is to be safe and happy forever! And when you make a wish, make sure it's to marry me!"

Evelyn woke up at past seven o'clock the next morning. When she saw the message, she couldn't help but giggle. He had sent it at about 2 a.m.

'He was up late. Probably still asleep. I'll call later.'

Today, Evelyn was dressed in an outfit of light apricot: wool wide-leg pants, a wool coat with a white, thin cashmere sweater underneath, and black high heels.

Sheffield picked those out for her.

She walked into her collection room, took out a set of diamond jewels decorated with yellow gemstones and a white handbag.

The jewelry and the purse were also gifts from Sheffield. She was going to pay for them herself, but Sheffield wouldn't hear of it. He insisted on paying for them.

He told her that she needed to wear this outfit on her birthday. That was how she could show him he was important to her.

Evelyn felt he was like a spoiled brat. To make him happy, she found it was easier to just do as he said.

Although Carlos didn't ask her to go to work today, she still had a meeting with a business partner. So essentially, she was working. As soon as she emerged from the car, the flashes of cameras greeted her. This was not ZL Group, but the other company whose representative she was meeting. The paparazzi followed her to the entrance to the building.

Then the reporters posted all the photos of her on the Internet. The headlines read, "Evelyn Huo, the Most Stylish Socialite Princess."

They weren't wrong—she looked like royalty in the pale apricot outfit and red lipstick.

And she just happened to be extremely photogenic. Any one of those photos they took could have been taken at a professional photo shoot. Evelyn once again went viral on the Internet.

Then, some netizen did some looking and figured out the price of her outfit. The clothes were the latest offerings from an international brand and cost $360, 000, and the swe

party?" she asked.

"Not yet. I figured I'd call him later." No matter what the future might bring, it was her birthday. She hoped that Sheffield could come. It would make the day perfect.

"Nice! Don't give up, Sis. I will support you, whatever you decide!" The happiness in Evelyn's eyes moved Terilynn. She decided to side with Evelyn and Sheffield.

Evelyn went upstairs and looked down at the first floor. Debbie was in the living room, trying to get ahold of a pastry shop. She told the bakery the desserts must be delivered to the manor on time. Then she called the florist and asked the flowers to be delivered earlier.

Several servants were helping move tables and chairs, and there were also professional chefs on hand. They were starting to prepare dinner.

Evelyn smiled and felt quite happy now.

She went back to her bedroom and looked up the news. As expected, there were many admiring comments. And most of them sent their blessings to her and Calvert.

Evelyn wondered if she and Sheffield would get the people's blessing one day.

She called Sheffield, but to her surprise, his phone was powered off.

She called him a dozen more times, but his phone was still off.

That afternoon, it was the same story. She asked Tayson to go to Sheffield's apartment to check it out.

Later, Tayson told her Sheffield's apartment was empty. And the car he liked to drive wasn't in the parking lot either.

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