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   Chapter 925 Sheffield Is Crazy

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7185

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"Okay!" The man shut up at once. Joshua didn't sound happy, and he was right—it was none of his business.

He didn't want Joshua or Sheffield mad at him.

Taking time to compose herself, Evelyn covered her red cheeks and sat up straight, brushing her long hair, letting it spill down her shoulders and back.

Sheffield made sure the mess was cleaned up, and took the driver's seat again. Through the rear-view mirror, he looked at the woman in the back seat and said happily, "Get some rest. Then... to Shining International Plaza!"

Evelyn rolled down the car window and gave him a stare. "You'd better think about how to deal with Joshua."

Joshua walked in on them twice now when they were trying to be intimate. It was too embarrassing for her to see him again.

Sheffield stepped on the gas and chuckled casually. "Don't be embarrassed. Just act like nothing happened. Joshua and I have even watched someone have sex in front of us. This is no big deal."

'In front of them?' Evelyn snorted, "You two are really something. So, was it fun?"

"Not even. She was supposed to be some big time model. She wasn't nearly as hot as she thought she was. She was with her boyfriend, and they couldn't wait. It was rude, and pretty boring. So we left," he answered honestly.

'Men are really pigs. They go crazy at the sight of a pretty face, ' Evelyn thought. She sneered, "I sincerely hope you're not comparing me with her." 'What kind of woman would do something like that in front of other people?'

Sheffield grinned apologetically, "Of course not! You know I only have eyes for you."

Tired, Evelyn leaned against the back of her seat and replied casually, "I guess I shouldn't be shocked. I always knew you were a player, and this proves it." When she was with him, she had seen his phone blow up. Not a minute would go by before some girl would text him. He didn't seem interested in them, though.

This guy was a fuckboi. What was more, he was so good at it.

Sheffield made an exaggerated gesture, clutching his chest. "You wound me! I've been a good boy. I spend most of my time on the trials for that new drug. I go to bars

ver, Calvert didn't care at all.

Then Sheffield took something from his pocket. Evelyn saw it was a scalpel.

She hurried to stand in front of Calvert and said, "Hey, hey! Put that away!" Then she turned and warned, "Mr. Ji, let me go! Otherwise, you'll never see me again!"

It wasn't that she didn't want to see Calvert get hurt. Actually, he deserved it. But she didn't want Sheffield to actually hurt him. Calvert's family was not poor, and they could make life difficult for the doctor. He might even go to jail.

Nonetheless, instead of letting go of her, Calvert just pulled her closer. "It's your birthday tomorrow. Rowena and I came here to pick out a gift. But what about you? You turned me down and now you're shopping with another guy. How could you do this to me, Evelyn?"

That morning, Calvert texted Evelyn and invited her to go shopping. But she said no.

Evelyn's wrist was turning red, thanks to Calvert's tight grip. She raised her head and looked at him coldly. "Mr. Ji, I've told you before we have nothing to do with each other. I don't owe you anything and I have nothing to be sorry about. For the last time, let me go."

The elevator came and stopped at their floor. Since no one walked in, the elevator went up, summoned to another floor.

Calvert was about to say something when he felt something cold against his arm. He looked down and saw a scalpel which seemed to be ready to cut him.

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