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   Chapter 924 You're A Bad Girl

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 6996

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There was a smile in Evelyn's eyes. Then she felt like crying when she saw how worried he was. 'He must trust me a lot. Now I feel guilty.'


"Yeah, honey?"

"I have a secret to tell you."

"Mmm...maybe later. Now spit that out. I'll never buy a lollipop again!" He pinched her cheeks with both hands, but Evelyn just wouldn't open her mouth. He couldn't force her, so he resigned himself to worrying. She was allergic after all. Would her face swell like a giant balloon?

Evelyn shook off his hands and said with a smile, "The secret is... I was just kidding!"

"Okay, I know. Be a good girl. Spit out the candy." 'How can she be so stupid? She knows she's allergic to mangoes and yet she's still sucking on it. Wait a minute! She turned me down and I still shoved it in her mouth. It's all my fault!' he thought.

Evelyn burst into laughter. "I'm not allergic to mangoes. I was just messing with you. Because you're always talking about sex." She felt a little guilty when she finished talking. Was it fair to make him worry like that?

It was then that he realized that he had been tricked by Evelyn. It turned out she was not stupid at all. He was the fool all along.

But anyway, he was relieved that she wasn't really allergic to mangoes. He complained helplessly, "You're a bad girl!"

Hearing that, Evelyn tilted her head and looked at him while biting the lollipop. "You know I learned from the best—you."

After hearing what she said, he could not help bursting into laughter. When he calmed down, he took her into his arms, their bodies close to each other. Then he said, "Since you're such a bad girl, I'll have to punish you!"

"Oh? And how will you do that?" Evelyn wasn't afraid of him at all!

A mysterious smile appeared on Sheffield's face. "You'll know in a minute!"

After they went to the underground parking garage, they found his car. When Evelyn was about to open the door, Sheffield stopped her. "Look, Evelyn! What's that on the back seat?" He didn't have his sports car. Today he drove the sedan. He opened the back door and waite

Evelyn didn't expect him to say that. Her face reddened.

Joshua had walked in on her and Sheffield like this twice. It was so embarrassing.

It took Joshua a while to realize what was going on. "Ooohh..." he drawled. With a cunning smile, he said, "Man, you're such a player. How about this: I need some greenbacks or I'll snap some pics and sell them to the papers."

'Is he threatening me?' Sheffield kissed Evelyn on her lips and tossed his phone away, ignoring Joshua.

Joshua sat on the other end of the line patiently.

But after a long while, he didn't hear a word from Sheffield. And then he saw the car swaying slightly.

His face was as red as an apple. After giving a quiet cough, he immediately asked his friend to walk with him towards his own car. "They have CCTV in the parking lot. Remember to go to the monitoring room and destroy the footage," he said on the phone as he was leaving.

However, no one answered him. He was so depressed he hung up the phone.

Looking at his phone, Joshua cursed in his mind, 'Sheffield is really a piece of work.'

His friend looked at him curiously and asked, "Who were you talking to? Is Maestro Tang in the car? What happened?"

"Don't ask. It's not your business anyway," Joshua replied indifferently. His friend had a big mouth. If Joshua told him Sheffield was getting some car sex, everyone would know by tomorrow.

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