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   Chapter 920 Sharing Confidences

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Reluctantly, Carlos told Evelyn, "The bidding was a blessing in disguise, though your computer was hacked last time. The game hasn't been released on the market yet, but it's caught some buzz. The Theo Group likes it very much. Plus, it's a big game developed by the game company under our ZL Group. It has a strong background. If people are smart, then they're definitely going to cooperate with us."

'Dad's just basically saying that we won the bidding, ' Evelyn thought to herself. After a short pause, she offered, "How about I handle everything that has to do with the game afterwards?"

"Matthew will take the responsibility. I don't want you to get too tired."

"I'm not. Matthew should focus on school."

However, Carlos didn't agree. He stood up and began, "This is going to be complicated, you know. It's a long-term cooperation between two companies. You can deal with the regular stuff. Hey, aren't you having your birthday party tomorrow? Why don't you just prepare for that?"

"All right." Evelyn didn't push him. She knew her father well. If he didn't want her to take over, she would be unable to change his mind.

After Carlos left, Evelyn heaved a sigh of relief.

She placed an internal call. It was for Nadia.

"Miss Huo." Nadia soon came over.

Evelyn took the vase that held the Bulgarian roses that Sheffield had given her. The roses looked lovely as ever. In order to preserve the roses longer, she told Nadia, "Could you make them into dry flowers before sending them over to my apartment?"

"Yes, Miss Huo!" As Nadia took the vase, she made sure she was careful enough to not break it. She knew how important the flowers were to Evelyn.

Evelyn sat back in her chair and took out her phone. She was silent for a long time. Then she sent a text message to Sheffield, saying, "The man in my apartment that day was Napier Tao. I told you before that one of my best friends died young. She was his girlfriend." Evelyn decided to tell Sheffield through text as opposed to telling him face to face which would just embarrass her.


led herself away from him. "Please leave."

Napier snorted, "What? Are you angry now? I said, stop pretending! Is it because I haven't showered? Is that why you refuse to sleep with me?" He took a step forward and grabbed her wrist.

This mere touch already excited him. Evelyn was indeed beautiful. It was difficult to resist her. He pulled her toward him and pressed her against the couch.

Evelyn tried to wrestle herself free, but to no avail. She cried out, "Tayson! Mmmph..." He covered her mouth with his hand.

Napier leaned toward her to kiss her on the lips. Evelyn dodged which excited him even more. He tried to tear her clothes but only managed to rip off one button.

Unable to cry for help, Evelyn had to think of a way to get herself out of the situation. Upon seeing the mug on the table, she grabbed it and smashed it against his head. Then she did it again.

"Aaargh! You bitch!" Crying out in pain, he finally rolled down and away from Evelyn.

Evelyn hit him pretty hard that blood was gushing out of his head.

As soon as Evelyn was free, she went for the trash can and tried to vomit, but nothing came out. She then ran to the door to get Tayson inside.

After that, Sheffield arrived.

She hadn't gone to the hospital to visit Napier since the incident. She didn't want to see him anymore. She didn't care anymore whether he died or not.

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