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   Chapter 918 Are You An Animal

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7196

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In the middle of the night, Sheffield walked into the bedroom with the keyboard, trembling from the cold. He closed the curtains and stood by the bed, looking at Evelyn, who was lazily leaning against the headboard. He cooed, "My queen, I've finished saying 'baby' a thousand times already. May I come to bed now?"

Trying hard to hold back her laughter, she said, "You may not."

"What? Why?"

"Shower first. You can sleep after that."

"As you say, my queen..." he sighed and threw the keyboard onto the corner sofa. He slowly dragged his feet into the bathroom.

After a quick hot shower, he dried his hair and threw himself onto the bed, naked. Before she could run away, he wrapped Evelyn up in his arms.

"I'm sleepy! Leave me alone now," she warned.

Sheffield didn't respond. He held her tight against his body.

Evelyn kicked him hard. "Cut it out. I want to sleep."

He didn't say anything; he couldn't keep his hands off her.

He silently slipped into the quilt and lay on top of her chest.

Evelyn felt his warmth, but she was also really sleepy. She hadn't gotten a good sleep in the past few days since she was worried about Sheffield. And she was exhausted after being tortured by him in the nightclub. She had intended to tell him about Napier tonight, but now, she didn't have the energy for that either.

Evelyn patted on the quilt without looking. It felt like she had hit him in the head. She didn't care. She mumbled, "Sheffield, behave yourself before I kill you."

She was so tired that her tone didn't sound as menacing as she meant it to be. It turned out like a soft, cute warning.

When Sheffield had no intention of moving away, Evelyn lost her temper and kicked the man once again.

Reluctantly, he crept out from under the covers with a pout. When he saw the already asleep woman, he grinned and thought, 'I'll let you sleep peacefully just for tonight.'

In the Huo family manor

Unlike Sheffield, who was resting comfortably with his girlfriend in his arms, Matthew was trying his best to break through the network security system of ZL Group.

It was a piece of cake to break through the f

elt a warm breath on her face.

She opened her eyes and saw a bright smile on Sheffield's face. "You're awake. Good morning, honey." He planted a soft kiss on her lips.

Evelyn closed her eyes lazily and asked, "What time is it?"

"Half past ten."

Her eyes flew open. "Half past ten?!"

"Yes." He cupped her face in his hands and was about to give her a passionate kiss, before he was pushed away. "I have to go to the company. I have something important to deal with today."

When she sat up on the bed, she realized that Sheffield was already dressed in a casual white shirt.

He had been lying in bed, watching her sleep. Resting his head on his elbow, he looked at her and said, "Okay. I wonder if I could have the honor of having dinner with my beautiful queen tonight."

"I'll call you after work," Evelyn said as she got out of bed.

"All right."

When she went into the bathroom, Sheffield stared at her photo on the wall and exclaimed loudly, "My girlfriend is becoming hotter. But I take the credit; love is the best skin-care product." He always demonstrated his love for her with action.

Just then, Evelyn's angry voice came from the bathroom. "Sheffield Tang!"

"Yes, honey?" He jumped off the bed and dashed towards the bathroom.

"Are you an animal?" He slowed down and stood right outside the door.

He curled his lips. "I could be worse than an animal. But do you have time to find out?"

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