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   Chapter 917 Kneel On The Keyboard

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Not long after Sheffield's car left, two police cars came, responding to the call. Tayson went to the police station with them to make a statement.

The moment they pulled up to Sheffield's apartment, Evelyn's heart still fluttered with fear.

She felt uneasy in her heart. What if someone was after Sheffield because of her? Had their relationship put him in danger?

However, Sheffield seemed very relaxed. He took out her slippers and changed them for her. Then he asked, "Need a shower?"

She nodded her head absentmindedly. "Okay."

After Evelyn entered the bathroom, Sheffield went to the study and turned on his computer to call up the surveillance footage of the streets around No. 9 Princess Cruiser Nightclub.

The installed cameras didn't capture everything. There were limitations based on the camera's range and rotation. The stalker made most use of this. He must have come from somewhere there was no camera. The black car didn't show up for several minutes, and by then it was following Sheffield's car.

But Sheffield knew someone was following him. He pulled into an alley, where there were also no cameras. He killed the engine, and peered through the rear-view mirror. He could see the other car speeding past.

Sheffield was getting a little bored. He knew all this. Then something strange happened. The black car stopped. It looked like it was going to turn around, but the driver rolled to a stop, and stayed there for about a minute. Then the car zoomed off.

Sheffield zoomed in, hoping to catch a glimpse of the man's face. But the guy wore a black mask and a black hood, fouling attempts at identification. He couldn't even get the general shape of the man's face.

Obviously, the man was extremely careful. He was well-disguised, and the car had no identifying marks whatsoever—no license plate, logo, or model.

The young doctor could tell the guy was driving an ordinary sedan. Sheffield compiled the few clues he could, and saved the important evidence on his computer.

By the time Evelyn finished showering and walked out of the bathroom, she saw him leaning against the headboard on the bed laz

ed her long hair back and said casually, "Look at the sky and earth and think about what you did wrong. Then say 'baby' a thousand times before going to bed."

'Didn't he call Dollie "baby"? Now he can say that as many times as he wants!' she thought.

Then she turned and walked into the bedroom. She closed the glass door on the balcony without any hesitation, and left the astonished Sheffield alone there, in the dark.

'Say "baby" a thousand times...' He slapped hard on his own mouth and thought to himself, 'Damn it! Every time I open my mouth I put my foot in it! I think I got off light!

She is definitely a jealous woman. She could probably think of all sorts of exquisite punishments.'

After waiting a long time, Evelyn heard not a peep from Sheffield. She knocked on the glass door. Sheffield turned to look at her and said with a fawning smile, "Evelyn, come on. It's freezing out here."

Although the glass door was soundproof, Evelyn could hear him since he was so close. "Not gonna do it? Okay, I'm gone."

She would let him know which was easier. Chasing after her or saying "baby" one thousand times?

Realizing what she was implying, he began immediately, "Baby! Baby! Baby..."

That night, when Sheffield finished saying "baby" one thousand times, he nearly vomited. His tongue was numb. He wondered if he could ever speak again. He swore to himself he would stay away from all other women.

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