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   Chapter 914 The Nightclub

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Dollie wedged her hand halfway through the window, refusing to let him go. "Please, I'll only take up ten minutes of your time!"

Having lost his patience, the man inside the car behind Sheffield's, rolled down his window and stuck his head out. "What the hell is going on? Are you going in or not?"

Exasperated, Sheffield unlocked the door and said, "Get in the car first."

Dollie quickly went around and tried to open the door of the passenger seat, but found that the door was locked. She could only open the door of the back seat and get in.

Inside the residence estate

Sheffield parked his car at a random spot and jumped out of his car. He leaned against the door and waited for Dollie to get out.

When she did, she asked him, "Is there a reason why you work for the First General Hospital?"

"Yes." Sheffield didn't deny it. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and lit one.

His serene demeanor sent a chill down Dollie's spine. "Please help my father! If you agree to withdraw the lawsuit, I will do whatever you ask me to!"

Dollie didn't know how to convince him, but she was willing to do whatever it took. She was desperate since Sheffield put Sidell in jail and now the man was awaiting his sentence.

Sheffield rolled his eyes at her and sneered, "Help your father?" The two looked into each other's eyes, but the man's gaze had the power to dissect her feelings bit by bit with the least bit of care. "Who was there to save my mother?"

Dollie didn't know what to say. Finally, taking a step closer to him, she bit her lower lip and whispered, "I know you like Evelyn Huo. If you spare my father, I will pledge myself to you as your mistress. You won't have to marry me and I will never bother you about Evelyn."

Sheffield's face crinkled up in disgust and he sneered at her words. "My mistress? I'm just a simple doctor. How can I do that to the youngest daughter of Mr. Xiang?"

Dollie had no choice but to ignore his sarcasm. Out of the blue, she hugged him and pressed her face against his chest. "I apologize to you on behalf of my father. I'm sorry. Please forgive him!"

Right then, a red Emperor car stopped beside them. The window of the back seat rolled down and revealed Evelyn's emotionless face glaring at them.

Her de

in as soon as Joshua had sat down, giving him no time to disassociate himself from the women around him. He slowly turned to face Sheffield, only to find his friend sitting casually, showing no signs of panic on his expression. Much to his surprise, Sheffield even pulled two women in his arms.

Joshua's heart jolted. 'Damn it! I fell into Sheffield's trap again!" Flustered, he pushed away the women from his lap and stood up. "Evelyn, it's good to see you," he greeted.

With a grim face, Evelyn looked over her shoulder and told Tayson, "Throw them all out!"

Tayson responded aptly and nodded, "Yes, Miss Huo!"

The women in the room looked at her curiously. One asked, "Who is she? Why does she want to throw us out?"

"Mr. Tang. That woman just asked someone to throw us out. Aren't you going to say something?" A purple-haired woman with curvy features wrapped her arms around Sheffield.

"She looks familiar. I think I have seen her somewhere..." said another woman, looking at Evelyn carefully.

Before long, more than a dozen bodyguards entered the private booth and dragged the women outside while they screamed and shouted.

The three people were the only inhabitants of the private booth. Joshua decided that it would be best not be the third wheel. "Well, something important just came up. Evelyn, I have to go now." Evelyn nodded politely, allowing Joshua to take his leave.

All the while, Sheffield sat with his back rested against the back of the couch and filled his glass with some wine.

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