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   Chapter 913 Visiting Mom

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Sheffield also stood up abruptly, leaning over the desk towards Sidell. Phrasing his words as a sarcastic taunt, he said, "She panicked? So you're telling me that this is the reason why Dollie committed perjury?"

Sidell could see the hatred in his eyes—clear and resolute.

The confrontation between them didn't last longer than two minutes. All of a sudden, Sidell felt his legs weaken and he fell back to his chair. Then he asked an insignificant question. "Sheffield, how did you open my safe?"

With his hands in his pockets, Sheffield looked at the man indifferently and said, "I spent one month practicing how to open all kinds of safes. In addition, I hacked into your safe with my computer and got the password."

'I see!' Sidell nodded and closed his eyes in defeat.

Within three days, Sheffield cleared his name and showed the public the surveillance video of Sidell meeting with Helena Meng, the head nurse; the autopsy report of the dead patient; the surveillance video of Helena Meng injecting the patient with the drug in the operating room and so on. All evidences were strong enough to prove that Sheffield was being framed by Sidell.

Sheffield also revealed that more than ten years ago, Sidell had done the same to Ingrid Chu. Only at that time, it was Sidell who did the counterfeit medicine transactions and caused the death of Ingrid's patient with the fake medicine. After that incident, he let Ingrid take the blame for the death of the patient.

Additionally, Sheffield made public the victim's medical record, the oral confession recording of Sidell's assistant and an audio recording where the patient's family members admitted to being threatened by Sidell. When all the evidences were presented to the public, Sidell admitted to all the crimes.

It also came to light that Dollie, Sidell's youngest daughter, committed perjury under her father's instructions. She aided in the destruction of a kindhearted, highly-skilled doctor.

The materials Sheffield released caused such a sensation that the whole of Y City was talking about it.

Many journalists became more curious about him and wanted to interview him, but he refused each and every one of them. He only made a statement on the phone sayi

now. I'll tell you a secret. I haven't seen my girlfriend in many days. I have to see her as soon as possible or someone else will steal her from me. Goodbye for now, Mom!"

He gently kissed his mother's photo and then left the cemetery.

'Mom, next time I come here, I will bring your daughter-in-law to visit you.'

When he drove back to Y City and was about to drive into his community, a woman ran over from the roadside and stood in his way.

Fortunately, his car came to a screeching halt as he stepped on the brakes before he hit the woman.

Eyes wide with confusion, he glared at the woman who was standing in front of his car with her eyes shut tight because of fear.

When he honked at her impatiently, Dollie opened her eyes and ran over to knock on his window.

Right behind Sheffield's car was another car trying to get into the community, so he quickly pulled down the window and yelled at her, "You're blocking the way. Please move away because there's another car behind me."

Since Sidell was in prison, Dollie was no longer the daughter of the president of the hospital. Judging by the way she looked now, it was clear that she had fallen on tough times. It seemed like she was wearing the same old clothes she had worn in the past two days. She looked into his eyes and eagerly said, "I've been looking everywhere for you. Do you have some spare time now? Can we talk?"

"I have nothing to say to you. Please get out of my way!" he dismissed her immediately.

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