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   Chapter 912 Get Justice

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Carlos had sent a group of people to M Country to find out everything they could about Sheffield's past. Unfortunately, all they could dig up on him were trivial details, such as how long he had been studying there and how he did in school and so on.

The deeper Sheffield hid, the more dangerous Carlos thought he was. Therefore, he didn't deem him to be the right man for his daughter.

Matthew finally understood that the role of the deputy director of nephrology department in First General Hospital was just a facade for Sheffield, so much so that it wouldn't affect him even if he lost the position.

'Interesting...' Matthew was intrigued by the reticent Sheffield and his mysterious existence.

Without conscious thought, both father and son were interested in Sheffield and his background.

The first thing Evelyn did when she got back to her office was to ask a group of people to look for Sheffield throughout the city.

Evelyn tried looking for him in his apartment on more than one occasion. Sometimes she waited so long that she would fall asleep, but when she'd wake up in the middle of the night, there would still be no sign of him.

It had been three days since the medical incident occurred and it wasn't until later that Sheffield came out of his shell.

He wore a black woolen shirt and a long beige trench coat to go over it. A pair of blue stone-washed jeans and white trainers. He was still an exuberant young man setting women's hearts aflutter with his good looks and charm.

As soon as he arrived at the hospital, he was stopped by a crowd of reporters, who had surrounded him with their cameras and microphones.

"You must have a lot of nerve coming back here!

Do you have anything to say as a doctor who is responsible for the death of a patient?"

"Do you have any explanation for this matter? As a young doctor who claims to have a ninety-nine percent success rate in transplant surgery, what do you have to say about what happened?"

Countless attacking questions were thrown at Sheffield. However, he maintained a polite smile in front of the cameras.

It was a smile that instantly captured the hearts of a thousand young girls.

Even some of the female journalists forgot what questions they were supposed to ask him as they stared at him blankly with their mouths open.


want?" Sidell still maintained his composure.

"What do I want? What do you think I want? I want to help my mother get justice and prove her innocence!" Sheffield rested his long legs on top of Sidell's desk casually.

Sidell sneered, "Do you think that you can reverse the verdict of a case that happened many years ago? Don't you think you are being a little too naive?"

"Of course not, I know that! But what if I told you that I've got your audio recording and surveillance footage too? Plus the statements of the patient's family members? Sidell, you killed my mother a dozen years ago and now you want to frame me in the same way? I'm sorry, but I'm not my mother. I found out the truth before you could get rid of the body!" Sheffield stood up from his chair, and in a cold voice, he said, "Sidell, you're done!"

"If I turn myself in, will you promise me to take good care of Dollie?" Sidell had spent the past few days in deep contemplation, and it was clear to him in the end that he would have to face Sheffield. He realized that this could only end in a brutal battle between the two of them.

'Take care of Dollie?' Sheffield looked like he wanted to laugh out loud. "Sure! The little girl who testified that my mother was involved in a fake drug transaction. How could I not take good care of such a cruel-hearted girl?"

Sidell lost his composure. He stood up with his hands on the desk and said, "She had nothing to do with that matter. She panicked. How could she possibly stay calm when she was being questioned by the police?"

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