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   Chapter 911 Hire Him

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 6895

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"Are you willing to marry Calvert if I help him?"

Pain flitted through Evelyn's eyes. "I..."

Carlos waited patiently for her to reply. The office fell into a thick silence.

"I am!" Evelyn answered after a long while.

When Evelyn left, Carlos took out his phone and called Matthew. "Where are you?" he asked.

"What's up?"

"Come to my office."


Half an hour later, Matthew stepped into Carlos' office.

He pushed the door open and sat on the couch. "What's up?" he asked Carlos, who was standing in front of the window.

"Do you know Star Anise?" Carlos sat opposite him and opened his laptop.

Matthew nodded. "Yes." In the hacker world, the Internet security industry and the Internet community, everyone knew about Star Anise.

"He's the one who installed our company's current network security system. It's the leading security system in the world. It was Star Anise who developed this system. It successfully resists over two billion attacks from hackers every day. At present, it is nearly impossible to hack into our system." Of course, a hacker could program far more than one attack in a second. Even a common programmer could try to attack a system 10, 000 times in a second. So it was easy to imagine what an actual hacker was capable of.

"So what?" Matthew asked, a stony look on his face.

"I want to hire him. His salary will be at least ten million. He will work for ZL Group. I contacted him a few days ago, but he turned me down." Carlos' face soured at the recollection of Star Anise's answer.

Several days ago, Carlos contacted Star Anise. "I see you've programmed an amazing network security system."

"I'm flattered!" Star Anise replied.

Carlos wrote, "Our minimum is ten million dollars a year if you join ZL Group."

"Sorry, I can't. I'm pretty busy now."

Carlos asked, "What are you busy with?"

He figured he could just offer Star Anise more money if he said that he had another job. But unfortunately, Star Anise's answer was much different than what he had been expecting.


pped, "Since you know him so well and what he's capable of, why are you still trying to bring him down then? Why don't you just let him be with Evelyn?"

Carlos sneered, "You're a brat and you know nothing. He didn't say anything even after your sister got pregnant. Not even when she was in grave danger! Now he's in a complicated relationship with Sidell's daughter all the while still seeing Evelyn! He's not even being honest with Evelyn about who he really is. How can you be sure that he has pure intentions for your sister?"

When Matthew found out about Sheffield, he immediately checked him out. He found that his parents had passed away long ago. "You mean he is using a fake identity?"

"Of course!"

Matthew fell silent. It seemed that Sheffield really was hiding something if he had to have a fake identity.

After Carlos heard that Sheffield had played a 10th-level piano concerto just to ruin Calvert's proposal to Evelyn, he went to see Jimmy in person. When Carlos mentioned Sheffield, Jimmy commented that Sheffield was intelligent—smart enough to do anything as long as he was interested in it. Sheffield had learned to play the piano when he had been abroad. When he was 17 years old, he rose to fame. However, shortly after that, he disappeared from the public eye. It didn't take long for people to forget about the once famous Sheffield Tang.

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