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   Chapter 910 Dad, Please Help Him

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The two nurses were so frightened by what Sheffield did that they stepped back. They were familiar with him. As far as they could remember, he was always smiling and charming which was why most of the single nurses and female doctors gushed about him.

It was the first time that they had seen Sheffield so furious. He was so scary right now.

Evelyn asked Tayson to stop Sheffield from beating Napier up. Finally, with Dr. Chu's help, Tayson was successful.

With blood flowing from his mouth and head, Napier was lying on the floor, having trouble breathing.

The doctors and nurses could have dressed his wound here, but now they had to take him to the hospital in a stretcher.

In the apartment

Sheffield and Evelyn were alone in the living room. As she gazed back at him, she inquired, "How is your hand?"

He caught a glimpse of her face and asked, "Who is he? Why was he in your apartment? What did he do to you?"

Evelyn didn't know how to answer his questions. The things that Napier just did to her... She didn't expect that he would do that, and it was difficult for her to voice it out.

For a while, she remained silent, much to Sheffield's displeasure.

His hands balled into fists. His eyes reddened from fury. However, when he spoke, his voice was fairly calm. "Evelyn Huo, what do you think I am to you? You fought with me because of Calvert. And now I don't even have the right to know what happened? Am I just someone you have sex with? Is that it?"

"No, it's not like that..."

"Do you think you should be with Calvert? You agree with your father, don't you? Do you also think I'm just a doctor who doesn't deserve you?" He was still mad at her about their last fight. He'd lost his temper. How she was acting caused him to say such hurtful things that he didn't give much thought to.

Evelyn went silent.

How could he possibly think that? To her, he was this amazing man

properly, his research is going to fail," Carlos pondered seriously. Who would buy medicine that was developed by a doctor whose patient died on the operating table?

Sheffield was definitely going to pay for this.

This wasn't lost on Evelyn. Flustered, she looked at Carlos and stammered, "Dad, can you..."

Carlos looked her in the eye, waiting for her to finish her sentence.

Evelyn thought she was being naive by even thinking of asking her father to help Sheffield. However, she didn't have any other idea left. She didn't know what to do. She bit the bullet and asked, "Dad, can you help him?"

Carlos found this both funny and annoying. He didn't know what to do with his daughter. "Evelyn, are you asking me to help a man who almost killed you?"

"Dad, it wasn't his fault entirely. He probably didn't expect that I'd get pregnant. It's unfair to put all the blame on him..." Evelyn choked.

"Who else should we blame then? You? Was it fair for you to suffer that kind of pain?" To Carlos, it seemed as if Sheffield had brainwashed his daughter.

"Now is not the right time to talk about that. Dad, please help him. I'll listen to you from now on, okay?" Considering Carlos' stature in Y City, if he didn't help Sheffield out, then no one else could.

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