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   Chapter 909 I'm Coming With You

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The entire room fell silent for a moment. Terilynn continued, "It seems that Evelyn loves him very much. Dad and I saw her, the other day, with that man in front of the office building. They looked very happy. But Dad disagrees with their relationship. I feel so bad for Evelyn."

"What's his name and what does he do?" Matthew asked, feeling it necessary to investigate the man.

"Well, I will tell you everything I know, but don't tell anyone that I told you this. I don't want to cause any trouble." Even Debbie didn't know that the man Evelyn loved was Sheffield.

"Sure, you can trust me."

"His name is Sheffield Tang. He is a doctor and he is always friends with Joshua."

'Sheffield Tang...' Matthew fell into pensive reflection as the name sounded familiar to him. "Is he involved in some kind of research and development?"

"Yes, do you know him? I've heard that he is really good at research, and people keep saying how amazing his project is. Apparently, he has invested a lot of money into it!" Terilynn had learned all this from Joshua.

"I don't know him personally, but I've heard of him. Why did Evelyn and Joshua break up?" Having been studying abroad, Matthew needed to catch up on what was going on now.

"Joshua is a good friend of Sheffield's. He didn't know Sheffield had a crush on Evelyn until he went on a blind date with Evelyn. Since he didn't want to hurt Sheffield, he broke up with her, despite Dad's reluctance."

"I see. Well, thanks for the update. You should get some rest now." Matthew was finally able to see the whole picture.

"Matthew, can you tell Dad not to force Evelyn to be with Calvert?"

Matthew paused to think for a while and then answered, "You know Dad as well as I do. He always has a good reason for what he does. We may not be able to understand it, but I trust his judgment. He won't let Evelyn marry Calvert." Regardless of Sheffield, Carlos wouldn't force his daughter into marrying Calvert.

Carlos knew better than anyone else what kind of man Calvert was.

Matthew assumed that his father was just using Calvert to drive Sheffield away.

Once Sheffield was out of the picture, Evelyn and Calv

Not a single word from Evelyn, nor from Tayson. It only made Sheffield more anxious. He went over to the man and pulled him up from the floor while Dr. Chu was treating his wound.

There was panic and confusion in the air. Dr. Chu quickly comforted Sheffield. "Dr. Tang, the man has suffered extensive blunt force bruising and abrasions to his head. I need to stop the bleeding first. Please, calm down. Don't be so impatient."

Sheffield couldn't care less about the injured man as he growled angrily, "What did you do to her?" Sheffield had never met this man before and didn't know how he got into Evelyn's apartment.

Looking at Sheffield with amusement, Napier Tao sneered, "Hah! You obviously care about her a lot! Are you her lover as well? Just like her bodyguard? Ah!"

Before the guy could finish his sentence, Sheffield delivered a punch to his stomach, knocking the wind out of his lungs.

Chaos ensued and everyone in the apartment was in a panic. When two nurses held Sheffield by the arms, Dr. Chu urged, "Hold him back. Dr. Tang, please let me dress his wound first!"

Evelyn walked up to Sheffield and grabbed his wrist. "Calm down."

'Calm down?'

The mere glimpse of her unbuttoned shirt drove him mad with anger. How could he compose himself in such a situation?

He gently brushed off Evelyn's hand and raised his fist again towards Napier Tao's face. The guy lost a tooth and there was blood in his mouth.

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