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   Chapter 906 Debbie And Sheffield

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"Oh! That's because he misses his parents very much. You have your parents and grandparents with you all the time, but he only has his grandparents to keep him company. You should be strong for your family. If you don't have the operation, you won't be able to get well soon. Your parents will be very sad if that happens. Do you want to make them sad? Don't you want to see them again?" Sheffield explained.

The girl burst into tears. "Yes, I do! I love my mom and dad a lot! I don't want to make them sad! Boo...hoo..."

"There, there. A girl should never cry, because that's not cute! As long as you agree to have the surgery, everything will be fine. Then you can see your mom and dad every day. Be strong for them, all right?"

"Okay," the girl agreed, muffled sobs wracking against her chest. "Will you do the surgery for me?"

Sheffield smiled and said, "Yes. I will be in charge of this operation. It's almost time. Let's go back and get everything ready, okay?"

"Okay! Thank you!"

Sheffield picked the girl up in his arms and carried her back towards the renal transplant department. "You are a very polite girl! When you see your father and mother later, you have to comfort them and tell them that you will recover very soon. Can you do that?"

The little girl wrapped her arms around Sheffield's neck and said, "Okay! As long as you stay with me all the time, I can do it."

"Don't worry! You will just take a nap, and when you wake up, I will be by your side..."

As the doctor walked farther, their voices faded. Debbie stared at them pensively as mixed emotions surged up in her heart. 'Sheffield is not only good at what he does, but he is also handsome and kindhearted. He is much better than that Calvert. If only he would be my son-in-law!' she mused.

Driven by curiosity, Debbie decided to find out whether Sheffield had a girlfriend or not. If not, she wouldn't mind fixing him up with Terilynn.

Debbie decided to wait until he was off duty after she overheard him saying that he was going to have an operation later.

At around 8 p.m. in the evening, Sheffield took off his lab coat, changed into his clothes and walked out of the office.

Just as he stepped outside, he was stopped by a voice calling out to him from behind. "Hello, Dr. Tang. "

is the reason why he hasn't contacted me for days and hasn't come to see me?'

As the traffic light turned green, the sports car sped away. Evelyn wanted to ask Tayson to tail the sports car, but they had already fallen behind two or three cars. By the time they got out of the intersection, the yellow sports car had disappeared.

The first thing Evelyn wanted to do was call Sheffield and ask him who he was with.

On second thought, she sent him a message. "Are you busy now?"

When she didn't get a reply from him after a long time, she went back home and walked into the living room with a heavy heart.

Meanwhile, Carlos was sitting in the living room, going through some files. The moment he heard a noise on the door, he looked up eagerly, but when he realized it wasn't Debbie, he frowned.

"Father, why are you reading your files here?" Evelyn asked.

"Your mother hasn't come back yet." Carlos had no idea who his wife was having dinner with. Why else wasn't she back home yet?

"Oh, where did she go?" asked Evelyn.

Carlos' face soured at her words. Debbie had been acting quite secretive these days, and she hadn't told him where she was going. This hadn't bothered Carlos much in the past few days as she would be back home in the early hours. Today, however, Carlos checked the time on his watch and found that it was almost 9 p.m. and his wife was still not home yet. With brows furrowed, he called Debbie on her cellphone. "I'm having dinner," Debbie answered abruptly before she hung up on him.

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