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   Chapter 903 Unsolved Mysteries

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Carlos was trying to mollify his wife when Evelyn called. Debbie was still mad at him for what had happened at dinner. He said into the phone, "What's going on?"

"I don't know. A hacker got into the documents for the bid of the Thundercloud project. How he busted the encryption I have no idea..." Evelyn said in a worried voice.

"How could a hacker invade your computer so easily? Did you go to any dodgy sites? Anyone else use it?"

Evelyn hesitated for a while. No one had ever touched her laptop except Sheffield, but she couldn't tell Carlos that. So she lied, "No...I'm serious, Dad. I have no idea how a hacker could get in."

"Don't worry. I'll figure something out. Go to the company early tomorrow and arrange a meeting to work on salvaging this."

"Okay, Dad."

As soon as he got home, Sheffield took out his laptop. He had installed a backdoor in Evelyn's own laptop. As long as she was online, he could get in.

He had also installed a security system on Evelyn's laptop earlier that evening. It was flawless, no bugs, but no matter how perfect the system was, there was always a weak point. Soon, he did it, finding his way into her computer easily, without using his backdoor. He got in with some fake login credentials, and her computer lay bare and open. Encrypted documents displayed normally, like the AES wasn't even there.

Then he clicked on the folder of design drawings in her computer. All the artwork was by a man named "Mister T."

Then he started to look for the hacker. Throughout the night, he used his network monitors and packet sniffers to find the guy.

The next afternoon, while Evelyn and the ZL Group's senior execs were racking their brains trying to find a solution, a hacker suddenly turned himself in. He admitted that someone had hired him to hack into Evelyn's computer and steal their design drawings. He had even sold the information to ZL Group's competitors. The hacker confessed to everything.

Adding to Evelyn's surprise, the weapon designer with the code name "Mister T" actively contacted several media outlets. He told the reporters he had applied for the copyrights of all the weapon design drawings recently, and he sold the rights to ZL Group. But he didn't expect the weapon designs to be stolen. He also claimed that all the weapon design drawings of the game developed by ZL Group were designed by him alone, and that he could release proof whenever necessary. In the end, Mi

out the needle.

As soon as he finished speaking, Calvert felt sour and weak all over, and 30 seconds later his vision melted away. He started to faint, and Sheffield caught him. He pushed him in the direction of the car, so he'd land in the seat when he fell. Calvert sat heavily in the driver's side seat, then slumped over.

Sheffield got out of the car and tried hard to drag Calvert's limp body to the back seat. "You're heavy. What—ugh—do they feed you?"

'I'm heavy?' Still conscious, Calvert was irritated by his rude remarks. He had never been insulted like this before. He mustered his strength to yell. "You're dead!" he slurred. "You hear me? D-E-A-D dead." It was getting harder to talk.

When Sheffield heard these words, he paused and murmured, "All these threats. Everyone wants to kill me. But I'm still alive, suckers!"

With great effort, Sheffield finally dragged the nearly two-meter tall man from the driver's seat into the back seat.

When Evelyn got the call from Rowena, Tayson had just driven her to the gate of the manor. "Evelyn, you're dating a crazy man! He kidnapped Calvert! He wants to carve out his kidney! Where the hell does he work? Tell me now!"

Unfazed by her crazy rant, Evelyn replied in a calm voice, "Such language! I'm hanging up on you. You're going to have to treat me with a little more respect."

Since Calvert was still in Sheffield's hands, Rowena had no choice but to give in. Swallowing down her pride, she apologized, "I'm sorry. Sheffield kidnapped Calvert. I'm really worried. Please help!" She had called Calvert a moment ago, but Sheffield answered his phone.

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