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   Chapter 901 I Will Kill You

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Evelyn was fuming. She regretted ever stepping into his car. "Calvert Ji, if you take one more step, I'll make sure you never see Y City ever again."

At this moment, a piercing screech came from outside. Within seconds, Calvert's car shook accompanied by a loud noise.

Evelyn's heart skipped a beat. Calvert looked through the front windshield and saw a man kicking his car. His foot was still propped up on the hood of the car.

Then, the man started kicking again.

Inside the car, Calvert's face instantly darkened. He just couldn't understand why he kept seeing this particular guy everywhere.

He decided to kiss Evelyn right in front of Sheffield! Thinking of this, he lowered his head again.

Evelyn turned her head away. She reached out one hand, ready to open the door, but Calvert noticed what she was trying to do. He grabbed her wrist to stop her.

Knowing that the doors of Calvert's car were locked, Sheffield quickly got in his own car and slammed his foot on the gas pedal. He was in such a hurry that he didn't even have time to close the car door. He drove his car with the intention of bumping Calvert's car.

In order to kiss Evelyn, Calvert had unbuckled the seat belt. Under the impact of the crash, he almost flew out of his seat.

Evelyn only felt her body shaking dramatically.

Sheffield backed and crashed into the hood of Calvert's car.

Half of the hood was broken and the headlights were severely damaged.

Seeing the scene, Tayson, who was in the car behind Sheffield's, quickly got out of the car. He roared at Sheffield, "Are you crazy? Miss Huo is still inside!"

But Sheffield didn't seem to hear him—his eyes were filled with revenge as he glared at Calvert.

When Calvert's eyes met with Sheffield's, Calvert sneered, "Evelyn, see? This man is insane! A lunatic who doesn't care about your life! What do you see in him anyway?"

Sheffield crashed into Calvert's car three times in a row failing to get Calvert to fight back.

Sheffield moved his car again and drove towards the door of the driver's seat. Realizing w

got out of the car and took out a cigarette. He called someone. "What have you been up to recently? Evelyn's seeing someone, and he's very important to her... It's not me. We're just pretending for the media. Carlos is just using me... You can carry out your plan now. I'm leaving it to you. Good bye."

After the call, Calvert stood under the dim street light, glaring at his ruined car. His eyes were filled with ferocity.

'Sheffield Tang, you like Evelyn? Then I'll just stand by and see how things unfold between the two of you. I'll just wait for my chance to get something from this!'

After parking his car in the 4S shop, Sheffield got in Tayson's car with Evelyn and headed for Evelyn's place.

When they arrived at her apartment, Evelyn hugged him tightly, calling in a soft voice, "Sheffield..."

"Yes." Sheffield was taken aback at first at Evelyn's initiative to hug him. Then he wrapped his arms around her.

After a while, she said, "Nothing. I'm going to take a shower." Evelyn let go of him.

Sheffield nodded and asked, "Where is your computer?"

"Why?" Evelyn looked at him in confusion.

"When ZL Group installed an anti-virus system, didn't you install it on your laptop?"

"No. I only use this laptop at home." She had stored a lot of important documents on the laptop, so she seldom used it in the office, let alone allow anyone else touch it.

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