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   Chapter 897 The Car Broke Down

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7076

Updated: 2020-02-02 00:02

Sheffield took Evelyn back to the car and fastened her seat belt. "If you want, you can take a nap first. I'll wake you up when we arrive," he said.

"Okay, drive me to the manor."

"All right,"

Sheffield replied. However, when Evelyn woke up, she was still in the car.

A bit scared, she turned her head only to find an empty driver's seat. 'Where's Sheffield?'

It was dark outside. Where were they?

Just then, the door opened. It was Sheffield. "Ooh, you're awake."

Upon seeing him, Evelyn let out a sigh of relief. "Where are we?" she asked.

"On Bloom Road. My car broke down." He stood at the door and lit a cigarette with a lighter, seemingly worried.

It was not the first time she had seen him smoking. She had seen it once or twice in D City.

But this was the first time she'd seen him smoking since they got back from D City. "How did that happen?" She glanced around but couldn't see anything.

She knew they still had at least a good two kilometers before they could reach the Huo family's manor.

Sheffield puffed out the smoke and glanced around too. "There's a hotel nearby. Let's check in there for the night. We can leave tomorrow."

Worried, Evelyn asked, "Where's Tayson? Ask him to pick us up!"

"Oh, I almost forgot. He didn't want to be our third wheel, so I asked him to go back first when we arrived at the downtown area." He was coolly dangling the cigarette from his mouth.

"Then I'll call him and ask him to come here," she offered. She couldn't shake off the ominous feeling that was creeping up her chest.

"Okay." This time, he didn't stop her.

While fumbling around in her bag, Evelyn suddenly remembered something and said, "My phone's dead. You call him." Her phone ran out of power when they were having dinner.

Sheffield shrugged and said innocently, "My phone ran out of power too."

Evelyn was rendered speechless. The more time she spent with him, the more she felt that this was his game, but she couldn't prove it.

She sighed silently, knowing that she was stuck with him that night. "Is the hotel far from here?"

"It's not far.


The receptionist immediately handed over a room key to her. "Yes, miss. It's on the 16th floor, Room 1609."

"Okay, thank you!" Evelyn took the room key and helped Sheffield walk towards the elevator.

"Evelyn, you're so good to me," he said, smiling.

Evelyn didn't know how to respond to that. "Go to bed early. Don't stay up late."


When they reached the 16th floor, they entered the room together. Evelyn checked the room and found that it was hardly a Presidential Suite. So, she could only imagine how bad an ordinary room was.

Soon there was a knock on the door. Sheffield opened the door. A woman in black uniform was standing at the door. The woman's eyes lit up when she saw Sheffield. She spoke in a coaxing voice. "Hello, sir. I'm the manager of this floor. Did you ask for antipyretics?"

"Yes, thank you!" he replied with a nod.

"You are welcome, sir. What else can I do for you? Just call me if you need anything."

Frowning, Evelyn took two steps towards the door, her eyes fixed on the manager. The manager's smile froze at the sight of the woman in Sheffield's room.

"Nothing else. Thank you!" said Sheffield nonchalantly as he took the pills. Then he closed the door.

Evelyn then felt that she couldn't leave Sheffield alone here. Not only was he ill, but there was also a seductive manager outside the door, who was obviously coming on to him.

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