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   Chapter 896 Are You Impotent

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After the waiter left, Sheffield winked at Evelyn. "Do you know what I ordered?"

Evelyn looked at him suspiciously. "You can choose not to tell me. I'm not interested." As long as it was edible, it was fine by her.

"The goat's pizzle in this place is good," Sheffield told her.

'The goat's pizzle?' "What's that?" 'Is it kidney?' she wondered to herself.

Sheffield smiled slyly and said, "You'll know when it's served!" He opened a can of beer and put it in front of her. "Don't drink too much."

Evelyn picked up the can of beer and took a sip. "Do you often come here?" she asked.

"Not really."

"Then how do you know this place?" Even though she had lived in Y City for more than twenty years, she didn't know the existence of this place.

"My friend brought me here first. I liked the food, so I brought Joshua here twice afterwards. He liked the food so much we'd often come back here."

'Joshua comes here too? Okay, I see, ' she mused.

It took a while before all their orders were served. Luckily, Evelyn had already eaten earlier. When all the dishes had finally been served, she'd already downed her can of beer.

"Have a taste." He took a skewer of grilled meat and neared it toward her lips.

Looking at the strange shape of the food, Evelyn asked, "What kind of meat is this?" There was a hint of unpleasant odor.

"Oh, a piece of mutton!"

"Oh," Evelyn said as she took a small bite.

After she swallowed it, he stifled his smile and asked, "Was it delicious?"

"Not bad. It smells unpleasant but the odor is not very strong in the mouth. But it tastes a little funny..." The taste was very strange.

At last, he couldn't help but burst into laughter. "This is the goat's pizzle!"

"What's it exactly? Is it..." She blushed and whispered to him, "Is it the kidney?"

He answered with the same smile, "No, it's..." He leaned forward as he whispered something in her ear.

"Ahem!" Evelyn's face reddened while she choked on her own saliva.

s she stood up.

Sheffield caught her by the arm and feigned a worried tone. "Ah, Evelyn, are you okay?"

Evelyn pulled away and answered stubbornly, "I'm fine." Her body felt a little light as if she was floating.

Evelyn looked around the place for Tayson but couldn't find him anywhere.

Little did she know that Sheffield had asked Tayson to leave earlier so he could have a nice time with Evelyn.

As he eyed her rosy face, he sighed to himself. He knew that he shouldn't try anything with her especially now that she was drunk. He took her to a convenience store, bought a bottle of water, opened it and handed it to her. "Drink. It will help sober you up."

Evelyn took the bottle and drank some water. She heaved a sigh of relief after, feeling better.

"Let's go. It's late. You have to go to work tomorrow." He made sure to guide her by the waist as he led her to the car.

Vigilantly, Evelyn looked at him. "I can walk myself."

The vigilance in her eyes wasn't lost on him. Chuckling, he said, "Evelyn, don't worry. I won't try anything with you." 'Not in a blunt, straightforward way. Why would she think that I could do that to her? I'll only ever do something if she wants me to.'

"You promise?" In hindsight, she figured she must have been really drunk to trust him.

"I promise!" he replied.

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